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Home phone 2 go throwing error as_5

hi, I am on pure fibre, using my google pixel 3 , trying to use this app, but after all the registration steps are done system throws this error'error as_5' I tried contacting customer service, many times in last couple of months but no help , contac...

Wasabi by Friendly Neighbour
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The State of RCS

Hello,Anyone knows when will RCS be launched at Telus? It's been almost over a year that TELUS pledged to implement it, and the timeframe was supposed to be « sometime in 2018 ». It is now 2019. Rogers already have it ready for consumers. Thank you.

mikaturta by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Wifi calling on Pixel 3XL won't turn on

I did it successfully on a previous P3XL on the same wireless account, and have the same struggles with my current P3XL, but this time I can't recall what steps exactly enables it on the phone. When I turn the switch on for wifi calling, it brings me...

Deusfaux by Neighbour
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Is 5g a thing Telus is currently working on implementing? I'm looking forward to having faster connection speeds in the next... Isn't it like 3 to 5 years? Somewhere in that range.

Telus Hub Internet Inquiries. (A plead as well)

Okay, so, I am a gamer and I own a Telus hub as it is the only way for me to have an okay internet speed due to living in a rural area. Don't get me wrong, without the hub, I wouldn't even be able to reach 1 MB/s, but I believe it is connecting to an...

Divinated by Friendly Neighbour
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Mobility outage

Anyone else in the new ross, ns area experiencing cellular outage/loss of service?

Kritta by Just Moved In
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