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cell phone service in the Central Peace area of alberta

Cell phone signal in the Central Peace area of Alberta(Eaglesham "359" exchange and Wanham "694" exchange-both in Birch Hills County) is weak or nonexistent in some locations and fades in and out at times. Telus, along with Bell, (Telus and Bell shar...

Resolved! language

why is it that i receive offers in a four-en language, other than our national language off English or french.. this is Canada, not India, not Egypt not Pakistan, as a proud Canadian, i feel insulted that your sending me advertising in some four-en l...

danno by Just Moved In
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Old & New Network in Sundre, Alberta Area

You've been upgrading mobility service in the Sundre area for almost forever. As a result neither our old nor new cell phones have consistent service. We acquired a new cell over three months ago in an attempt to resolve the problem... It will probab...

Resolved! Htc M8 update

Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew when the update to 4.4.4 and the HTC eye experience were coming out?

Trade In Service

I purchased a new cell phone a month ago with a current balance of $383. I checked what the trade in value for this mint condition, month old phone and it was $50! Are you serious Telus?? This is ridiculous. After you convinced me to upgrade to this ...

Telus04 by Just Moved In
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I got my phone in early February I am on a 2yr contract and I was wondering how much it would be to upgrade to a new phone

Resolved! App for document signing and logistics

Document app.... I am a Realtor and want the quickest, most robust, and user-friendly document handling and signing app; can you help?

enbt by Just Moved In
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Telus vs Koodo

I've been lurking on the Koodo Community to see what sorts of questions get posted to Telus' little brother, the Koodo forum. There's many posts about packages, expectations, wants wishes and upgrades. Given the expectation folks have of the discount...

NFtoBC by Community Power User
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Resolved! Telus Extend. Wifi calling

The future of the phone system, VOIP, is coming to Telus. Great to have alternatives to transfer your voice/text to wifi and on more devices than just your cell phone. Telus currently testing(in Beta) wifi calling for people who live in low quality c...

nasty by Rockstar
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Mail using SMTP port 1025 goes to spam folder

I've been using smtp port 25 and for mail and everything works fine from the telus network. When I switch to port 1025 so that I can send mail from outside the telus network all emails to gmail accounts go to the recipient's spam folder. Re...

xray by Guardian
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