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Share plans

What happens if the main subscriber moves to a different account after 2yrs? Will this cancel the 2nd subscriber? Will the 2nd subscriber be changed to a different plan?

Ajudy by Neighbour
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International usage

When traveling internationally and you are charged only when you use the phone for 24hrs what time zone do I use, home or destination?

Telus and RCS integration

Hello, I have been looking forward to the idea of having SMS upgraded to RCS, it adds a whole list of features to the possible communication,however Telus has been giving vague answers and have come up short on the promise of "Some time in 2018" I wo...

Travelling abroad, cannot connect to websites

We're in Thailand and we can't connect to Telus websites, for example, , ,, etc. (on the other hand given that I am able to access this forum, *some* t...

lp by Neighbour
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Change of ownership

Can someone please direct me to where policy is viewable to the customer stating that you can’t change ownership in the first 90 days of a new account? A little context, I was approved for two devices so I put my line and my daughters line on my mobi...

Amyanda by Neighbour
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Why did telus eliminate nearly all of its combo roaming passes?

I think I know why—to force people to ante up $12 as soon as they receive a text or look at Google Maps if they’re not on WiFi. Or pay $160 for 30 days of continuous use. I wanted to get the $50 Europe roaming combo pass, only to find that it no long...

Tsp by Neighbour
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Stop Price Hike for $60 10/GB Rate Plan

With TELUS’ new TOS there nothing that stops them from increasing your rate plan costs on a BYOD.They could implement a price increase every month! When you switch your ratebplan from one of the grandfathered ones to one of these new ones they do not...

Ahmadjr by Organizer
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