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Resolved! Need PUK code

Hello, SIM locked by accident. Please send me a PUK code!

Bel-canto by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Forfait 7 jours

Est ce que ce serait possible d'avoir un forcait pour seulement 7 jours avoir texto et appel illimité au canada et au USA ?

Josyane by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Device Care Protection Trouble

I received a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge via Mail from Telus. On the same day while settings up the phone and transferring data from my old phone I pushed on the glass above the power button the glass cracked and spidered. A piece of the glass literal...

In-store contact transfer software

Whenever my folks buy a new phone, they get their contacts transfered from the old device to the new, in-store. It seems to work with every device they bring. All kinds of circa 2000's lg & motorola fliphones, to their iPhones with no passcode prompt...

Resolved! Going on a Road trip around the US, need some advice.

Hey guys, so I am going on a road trip around America and I plan on bringing my Telus phone. Its a LG G5 that I am going to pay to have unlocked. My question is, once it is unlocked I will be able to use it on an American Cell Network once I buy a SI...

Resolved! Data charges

If I live in Alberta and travel to Manitoba and use my LTE, would I get charged for roaming? I know you get charged LD For calls and such, but if I'm not outside the country then I'm still using telus towers?

Resolved! Charged/deducted for 1 KB data and duplicate text messages

Hi folks,I have an iPhone SE running iOS 10.3.1 on a Prepaid planSince signing up I get charged on occasion for data usage even though everything in Settings regarding Cellular Data is disabled including Wifi Assis and apps that may work in backgroun...

FrankMtl by Organizer
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