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Resolved! Prepaid Data renewal problem?

I am currently using prepaid services on my iPhone. I recently topped up my account to pay for my monthly plan with data. The top up was successful because my balance has went back to where it was before I added the $50. I was assuming everything was...

Incoming call issue with Telus extend.

When I get an incoming call with Telus extend, the extend app rings but when I hit answer it will not connect. The person calling then gets a busy signal. Anyone else having this issue?

How do I know if Extended is running in the Background iOS?

I have the iPhone 5s and now have access to Extended. Have gone thru the setup and is this something that I need to keep open inorder to get calls and texts? or can I use the phone as normal and I will be notified of incoming calls and texts as long ...

Whit27 by Neighbour
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data plans

We have 3 cell phones on our account. My husband and I have data included on our plan, but not for our son. He can snap-chat, Instagram, etc on wifi, but can't text pics or video by messaging/text. Is that right?

Dubswife by Just Moved In
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Duplicate text messages

Duplicate text I keep getting duplicate text messages. It happens with several contacts on different networks. I received my last text from my sister 16 times. At first it's every 10 minutes, nowv1 day later I'm getting the text every 4 hours.I've tr...

A Warning to Windows Phone Users with Device Protection

HI there,Just a quick heads up. The device protection company is not longer Asurion and is now E-Securitel. I had a great response from the previous company with my Windows Phones under the protection plan. E-Securitel seems to be a nightmare. I went...

jdowsett by Advocate
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Weak 4Glte signal

I'm only getting one bar for signal in my condo.Its only when i'm using 4Glte. I get full strength while using HSPA. I'm on the ground Floor of the building and I'm using a Blackberry Z30 sta-5 phone. The area code M9W 6A5.

Khalid by Just Moved In
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How do I unlock an Iphone in France without my simcard?

Hi,I am in France for 6 months (Lyon, villeurbanne aera) and I would like to put a contract on my phone. The problem is that i didnt unlock my phone before leaving canada and i dont have the simcard with me...Do you know what I could do? i tried a li...

dogouet by Just Moved In
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Huawei E3276 4G LTE

Why cant we get 20G flex plan or unlimited usage on the Huawei E3276 4G LTE network for those customers who live in areas where there is no internet unless you use the internet key through the mobility service. 10G a month is not enough to You Tube o...

Cruzin by Just Moved In
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