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Wifi Calling...

Just Moved In
Can you guys please bring Wifi Calling to the Samsung Galaxy s9 please?

According to their release schedule chart, S9 & S9+ WIFI calling will be available/patched/updated on Sept 4th.

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@BillTelusCust wrote:

I have the Canada/US plan and the plan which allows 1000 minutes per month overseas to certain countries, so it really isn't an issue for me at all.

I'm sure Bill everyone thanks you for your being supportive. And you have no concerns while others do, seemingly trivializing their issues or dismissing them. That's why I have you on my ignore list. Smiley LOL

According to their release schedule chart, S9 & S9+ WIFI calling will be available/patched/updated on Sept 4th.

Friendly Neighbour
I really hope that happens. Have they traditionally kept up to their release schedule in the past?

For me, yes, the last one showed up on the day they scheduled it.


I heard other people got delayed a day though.

I bought an unlocked Note 9 and its working great on Telus Wi-Fi calling. Very surprised given it never worked on my S9+.

All of the Note 9's sold in Canada through carriers and through Samsung are the same model and firmware, N960W.  

Update was today, took 3 hours to get Wifi calling setup...there's a bug in the update....they had to try a ton of things to finally get it to work for me.


Still doesn't fully work, because it won't let me set my phone to a 911 address.


Very weird.


At least it works for now.

@Dwayne888 People should buy the correct plan for their needs. No sense complaining about long distance when they don't pay for the long distance plan.  Going on a suitable plan or adding a proper package is a lot better solution than complaining this and that should be "free".  Nothing is free.


Hiding behind an ignore filter while putting someone down is certainly an odd way to make your point - and it is liked by the person who came out with a large number of incorrect statements and opinions.  



I want WiFi calling because I have wifi far more often than I have cell service.

@WestCoast I want WiFi calling too - and outside of Canada because some towers in the US aren't programmed very well.  I don't run into a lot of places where I go in Canada that I have to have it, but there are definitely some - including a couple of places on the West Coast.


My point is that it isn't free and I don't think it is billed much differently than if I'm on a tower.








I think you can download such app from any android store or from play market

There's no app you can download to give you Telus WiFi calling.  It's part of the firmware in the phone.  Are you thinking of Skype or Google Duo or something like that?  They aren't the same thing.


It would be nice to have WiFi calling outside Canada but at least it works in Canada so that's something.

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Community Power User
I believe @bambam was thinking of the Telus Extend app which was a voip based service that used your mobility number. That service has been shutdown a few years now because of lack of 911 support.

I have samsung s7 and I can make video calls from my dialer

The samsung video calls are not the same thing...

maybe you should use some other apps like this one

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Community Power User

@bambam wrote:

maybe you should use some other apps like this one

Having a second number defeats the purpose of using Telus' Wi-Fi Calling, which transparently sends calls and texts to your existing number.

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"It would be nice to have WiFi calling outside Canada but at least it works in Canada so that's something"

All I asked is for what reason they are not allowing this outside Canada. There are a handful of countries where it is in fact illegal, but in the overwhelming majority of countries it is perfectly legal - and a huge number of mobile companies do in fact offer it outside of Canada.


I posted this because I was interested in what justification Telus had for not allowing this outside of Canada.  The fact that they've been completely silent about it speaks volumes.


I contend that there is no reason to restrict it.  If there were, Rogers and Freedom wouldn't allow it, nor would AT&T and a host of others.

Telus needs to up their game.  I pay quite enough money for my Telus mobile service and I expect it to be on a par with the competition in all respects, not just Canadian coverage.  Their lack of response is quite disappointing and annoying.

I used TMobile in the USA. They strongly encourage WiFi calling while roaming. It saves Tmo from paying other carriers for air time. I found it super handy (on TMobile) in Costa Rica because every hotel has free WiFi. No idea why Telus doesn't allow it out of country.

Telus needs to be called out on this. There IS NOT a valid reason for them restricting this.

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