WiFi Calling isn't working on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S8+ which was purchased from Telus.


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I just spent 45 minutes on the phone. First with a sales rep, who told me that "the samsung page indicates that S6, S7," etc should have WiFi calling. Me having to explain to her that no, the TELUS page says that only the G6 is supported. She then transferred me to technical support.

Tech support guy: Just the G6.

Me: I know. That's what I said.
Tech support guy: Let me double-check.
*cue being on hold for 15 minutes*

Tech support guy: Oh, actually it's the S6, S7, etc. with Android 7.0 and up.

Me: I have an S7 edge with 7.0. No wifi calling.
Tech support guy: Oh. Hold on.

*cue being on hold for 15 minutes*

Tech support guy: No, nvm, it's just the G6.

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Hi all, heavily anticipated and as we've all been patiently waiting! So today, on my Telus S8+ I downloaded that new update which is Oreo. I went to phone settings in the dialler, and at the bottom the Wifi Feature was there and I registered it and confirm it is now working. They have not updated what phones are supported but in order to use it, Ensure the following


1) Make sure to contact TELUS and ensure WIFI Calling + VoLTE is enabled

2) Make sure you download the latest android oreo which was literally just released.

3) Goto your dialer, click the 3 Dots on the top right clock settings and goto the bottom enable WIFI Calling and voila!


Their website still says G6 , and they have no updated it. I am not sure what other phones are supported but I am so happy as I was losing hope. 


Goodluck and let me know if this works for you guys!

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Anyone hear anything about S9?


Seems strange they would do S8 and not S9....they both have the same Android version.


I spoke to 3 people at Telus, before one finally told me the S9 is not yet supported.


It seems crazy to me that the S8 works, and the S9 doesn't.