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Why do i keep getting disconnected?

I have spent over 45 minutes on hold multiple times today and ending up just getting disconnected by Telus. Then on my drive home i called Telus mobility again and waited 2 HOURS on hold again and also got disconnected AGAIN! I tried calling since last Wednesday EVERY single day and never got through. I also tried calling Telus home services and asked them to transfer me to Mobility and still waited over 45 minutes just to get DISCONNECTED AGAIN!


Telus....What is going on????? 

I also sent an email and have yet to receive any reply. 


Would you please get back to me.....I've been a long standing customer for over 18 years and would like to get a good deal on my phone bill as well.  


Because their circuits are all busy due to the MANY people trying to call in to get the $60 10GB promo. The lines are way over capacity. I tried all day and just kept getting “call failed” from my cell and a landline. I have not been able to get thru at all. I had a bit of trouble getting thru to Rogers too but I eventually did and only had to wait about 10 mins. All in all, I think all providers are having massive problems due to these extremely rare promos!

So what your saying is that because you cant get a hold of Telus you are switching to Rogers? 


Ive been a long time customer of Telus, and if they will honor the same deal 60$/10GB then im more then happy to stay with Telus. They have always done good by me. I was just a little confused why i couldnt get through to them and why the line gets disconnected after a few hours of waiting. 

If I can’t get this deal today, then yes I will switch. I already have the plan thru Rogers but I will cancel it if I can get the plan thru Telus. Telus is good but I find Rogers much easier to deal with and I’ve never had a problem with Rogers customer service despite what the media and surveys say. Plus Rogers has better indoor coverage than Telus around these parts but Telus has the better network overall.

Rogers is only offering a 5GB plan with a temporary bonus 5GB of data that expires in 24 months. Telus' plan is 10GB. 

mbp, that is not true. Rogers’ plan does NOT expire in 24 months. When they first released this promo, it did indeed have a 24 month expiry on the bonus 5GB but they changed that...the plan is now permanent for as long as you keep it and don’t modify it or do a hardware upgrade. As I said, this is confirmed by all Rogers reps.

Telus's recomendation to me for customer service about an email reset is to call them. Do you think it would work?




I feel for you. However, I have been trying to get Telus to reset my email over 5 days. As long as Telus gets your money, customer service is a very low priority.