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Why can't I receive calls? And why can't I send or receive texts?


I can only make outgoing calls since putting the new Telus sim in my old phone.



I think you need to make an outgoing call to 611 and find out why.....good luck.

@BillTelusCust I tried calling, they are just closed on the weekend apparently.


Telus Support on Twitter did not respond.


And I left a message with our account manager. She probably can't get back to me my number can't be reached, for some reason.


I was hoping to get some answers from this forum, but still waiting.


Thank you for your suggestion.

We are all customers (or former customers) and don't have any insight into the "back end"  And I think this is probably a back end problem.


Good luck.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you registered the new SIM to your account in the My Telus portal?


Have you confirmed by calling someone else near you to see if your phone number is registered to the SIM? If it for a new account or plan, it may have a temporary number assigned to it.


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Thank you.


When I make calls to other people, it appears as my old number. So, I figure my old number was successfully ported to the SIM.


However, I can't send texts to anyone. Nor can I receive texts. And when people call me back, it goes straight to my original voicemail.