When will Cold Lake, Alberta have a wired option for something above 3/Mbit?


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Residence have been told "upgrades" are coming for about 5 years now, your only competition here in town is up to 40/mbit. Yet for the past 8 years Telus can not offer a speed above 3Mbit. It is starting to affect productivity and is becoming more than an annoyance. Please help me stay a Telus customer.

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TELUS is upgrading their High Speed internet network throughout Alberta and BC. Though your address does not currently qualify for Optik services, I hope you to get service soon. Check every six months or so by visting telus.com and clicking 'order now' and entering in your address.
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Cold Lake does have wireless LET service now so you could try a Internet Key, Mobile Hotshot or Smart Hub to get faster speeds.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Flabeo, I take it you have checked your internet availability recently? There have been some upgrades in Cold Lake, and some areas do receive faster internet speed. The suggestion to check back every few months is a good one - there is constant investment in the TELUS network across Alberta and BC (with about $700M to be invested in Alberta this year alone), so hopefully faster speeds will reach your location soon.


It is November 16th 2014 and STILL getting 1-3mbps speeds while paying for a 15mbps net speed to telus.

I saw this thread and wanted to ask: Is Telus even TRYING? i have called Telus over 15 times with the same issue and all they can do is say its due to where i live.  Is this even a proper reply?  Is this what im paying for?  It is effecting my whole family.


I think i might be leaving Telus if this continues for even one more week.

If any of you have any suggestions please let me know.


My speeds during week days BEFORE 5pm are around 11-13mbps (its fine), but the moment it hits 5pm on weekdays and ALL DAY on weekends im running at 0.5-3mbps.


Sadly what really counts is exactly when its not working because that's when we all come home from a hard day of work and want to watch netflix or something.

On weekends,especially at a place like cold lake, without internet its very difficult to pass time especially for kids.


I say vote with your wallet.


If you have an option for something better but you continue to stay with Telus, it is not only their fault for moving so glacially slow.


What are my options for something better?

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Community Power User

Sounds like too small a pipe coming to Cold Lake. It becomes overwhelmed during peak hours when everyone want to use it. Possibly the best option would be to see if your municipal office would support a grassroots plebiscite requesting an upgrade.


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