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What is the point of the Loyalty dept


So yesterday I was offered by Freedom their 75 dollar plan, unlimited international txt and 15 Gigs.. I'm currently on the Telus Non Share 75 dollar plan.. Call in and speak to Loyalty after waiting over an hour and get told the only way we can help you is if you buy out the contract. I said if I were going to do that wouldn't I just jump ship and go to a company that was interested in getting that relationship? Was told "I see your point" still couldn't or wouldn't do anything.. Mods, Loyality gods.. anyone.. Is there any point to loyalty with Telus ?


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Any Loyalty department is obligated to work within certain bounds. If your current plan includes a device subsidy, and the one you want to move to does not, their hands may well be tied. Only you can determine the best option for yourself.


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Telus has a big zero for customer service. If a xclick will not fix it can not be fixed from a $2.00 hourly south Asia employee


Sometimes the loyalty departmenbt can do something, sometimes they can't. They have parameters.  Someday, maybe Shaw will have a network that approaches the breadth of the one Telus has.  But right now, they don't.  There's a demographic that works well if they are on any carrier, other people need a bigger network. Don't expect a huge national network (Telus) to have the same prices as one with a few towers here and there (Shaw).  If you made a deal with Telus which included devices, you need to pay for them. It is not unreasonable for them to expect that.  But at the end of the day, it is up to you to choose who you deal with. 

I have left message in chat, no reply, wrote by contact us email, no reply and finally called today and got an answer from loyalty from VeeJay that he is unable to do anything.   I have been with Telus for 11 years, got a special pricing shortly after joining from CEO of Telus, not a call center employee, actually from Telus Mangement.  Now they want to drive my bill up 5 dollars.  Only 5 dollars, but still my price was not to go up EVER.  They tell me its becuase of the new expensive plans 70.00 plus that all customers on older plans are being increased and he is unable to gi ve me a bill credit monthly for 5 dollars or do anything!!!  WOW I have been loyal to Telus for 11 years and there is no LOYALTY available to me.  I decided today to go to Freedom Mobile.  Half the price of any Telus plan!!  Sad!

Wouldn't that great to have things "not go up ever".  You got a "special deal" 11 years ago and it did not go up at all during this time?  I think this very well explains why the loyalty department can't do anything for you.   I take a lot of things into consideration, including quality of service, coverage, roaming fees and price into consideration.  It is a value for money proposition.  There is a reason why Freedom Mobile has cheaper plans, and that is their coverage area.  It works for some people and not for others.  It would not work for me.  If that works for you, then great.  I think it is unreasonable to expect anyone not to increase their rates over 12 years.

I can tell you that Freedom mobile does not work well at my home in mideast Surrey.  No problem with the Telus mobility signal, though.  So, coverage could be an issue, even in the Lower Mainland.