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Web Store Issues

Hi everyone, 


Wondering if anyone here has had a terrible experience with the Web Store. 


Back in November I wanted to get the new iPhone. First, I contacted the retail store at the Eaton Centre and they advised me to place an order online, as they were trying to reduce the in-person traffic in the store, which is totally understandable given the times we are living.


So, decided to place an order online to buy the new iPhone. A few days after I placed the order I contacted the store to ask if I could make a change because I wanted to get a different colour. Before making any changes I asked the agent if this would cause any delays or any issues and they said it shouldn't be a problem. They advise me to cancel the order and place a new one. They said, the canceled order should take a couple of days to be reflected in my credit card as a refund.


So, I went ahead, canceled the first ordered and placed a second one. Long story short, they never canceled the first order and in early December I received 2 phones. I returned the one that I canceled immediately only to find out that their standard processing time for refunds is 4 to 10 weeks. The hours that I've spent on the phone trying to fix this situation are countless and I just feel like no one really cares or takes my issue seriously. They can't seriously expect people to just wait up to 10 weeks for a $700 refund. 


Anyhow, the chat people can't really help you, the webstore people won't help you, not even their manager. I am so extremely disappointed with my experience. The level of service provided by the Webstore is really THE WORST!


Friendly Neighbour

You are being lied to in my opinion. I purchased a new phone over the Web Store in November. Long story short it was lost in shipping. At the end of December after 6 calls to Telus over a 2 week period and a few other actions I was finally able to get a Telus Manger from Calgary. Everything was refunded within 4 days but it was literally pure hell from Telus to get to that Manager.  Good Luck.