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WARNING: Telus blacklisted me after I filed CCTS complaint


Telus changed my device balance on me.
I filed a CCTS complaint against Telus and won because they had it wrong on my account, and they went and blacklisted me without telling me. I found out when I tried to open a line. Customer service is HIDING the notes on my account and will not read them to me.



TL;DR: The recording is incomplete and cut in places. OP is NOT a current Telus customer and isn't happy that he was denied new service because of a business decision made by Telus based on his previous interactions with the company. No where in the recording was CCTS mentioned at all.




There are always two sides to a story. OP, you have only provided one incomplete side of it. The recording sounds like it starts halfway though a call and it there sounds there is at least one clear cut/splice in the audio.


I'm not buying that you were "blacklisted" simply for filing a CCTS complaint. There are any number of possible reasons a company could refuse service to you. Those reasons do vary from company to company and different industries. One big universal one is if a customer was being abusive enough to employees that work for a company. They have every right to refuse that customer service.


If the device balance was changed, you didn't mention what you did to try resolve the issue before going all the way to CCTS. Who did you actually speak to? Did you ever speak with a manager and if yes which department? Were you polite or hostile to the previous employees you spoke with?


From the audio recording:

  1. You confirm you are currently NOT a Telus customer. When did you leave? Why did you leave?
  2. Not all employess will have access to all information, especially front line ones. There are also limits on what can be disclosed. 
  3. Companies will have internal information on their clients. If you really wanted access to information, there are very specific ways to go about doing that though there are likely still going to be limitations on the scope of information available.
  4. You claim they are discriminating against you (multiple times) for not being willing to take on new business from you? On what grounds are they allegedly discriminating? Nothing the service rep said even came close to discrimination. Throwing around claims like that make it harder to believe your partial and incomplete story.
  5. You say that they can't refuse you service and must provide a reason? There's nothing that says any telecom company must provide you with cell service and no, they don't have to provide you with the specific reason. 
  6. That Telus has to provide you with the business reasons for the refusal of new service? Again, no. Also see point 2.
  7. You say that Telus isn't a private network because they are a publicly traded company? You are confusing two different things.
  8. Go to the media? You'll find that large companies won't make comments about individual users.
    1. Alternately, if you did go to the media, do you really want your name out there associated with the incomplete recording you posted? You bleeped out your name in the recording but not the employee's.
  9. You stated "Telus refusing business to a customer is discrimination"... Do you even understand the meaning of the word discrimination and what it actually applies to under the law?
  10. At about the 4:58 mark, what did you cut out of the recording? There is a noticeable cut in the audio there.
  11. You stated it is illegal for Telus to not provide you with service? What law are they breaking? I'm really curious there...
  12. [6:30] You've requested the notes on your account? Did you do it in writing or over the phone? Most companies only will take requests like that in writing and last I checked I thought Telus was one of them.
  13. [7:00] You want the front line advisor to brief you on the specifics of what's being sent? See point 2.
  14. Companies do have confidential information. That concept is ancient. 
  15. [9:05] Still doesn't seem to understand point 2. 

I'm starting to think there is a bigger reason OP was refused service.