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Travelling abroad, cannot connect to websites



We're  in Thailand and we can't connect to Telus websites, for example, , ,, etc.  (on the other hand given that I am able to access this forum, *some* telus functions still seem to be available).


I've tried on several occasions to connect with my laptop, my phone, my wife's phone, using different browsers (Firefox, Microsoft edge), and using both wifi and mobile data (local SIM card)... nothing works, usually getting "timed out", "problem loading".


So, I can't connect with telus to manage my account (and I don't have phone service back to Canada).  Help!!


All other web sites seem to connect normally....  what gives?  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance if you can help!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Maybe some of Telus' sites are being blocked in Asia judging by some recent posts. Try a VPN and see if that works.

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Thanks, Nighthawk


the VPN worked


(getting thru Telus' chat system, tho, so far is another story, sheesh)


As Nighthawk mentioned.  Some countries restrict international sites as well as companies in North America also restrict certain regions from accessing their sites for security reasons.  With most hacking coming from countries where the laws prevent them from being brought to justice for trying to steak information and compromise corporate systems.  


Some cell companies do incorporate VPN tunneling into their data roaming services abroad.  This might be restricted to specific countries though or might not be something Telus offers.