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Things Sure Have Changed with Telus

Friendly Neighbour

I have been a loyal Telus customer for many years and was a staunch supporter for Telus during this entire time.  Don't get me wrong, they have helped me lots in the past but this seems to be over.


I have a shareplus plan (55) and I have added phones to my account in the past and were able to have them put on my current plan.  Tried to add another phone yesterday but that is all over.   I spoke to the customer loyalty department as they were able to swing special "deals" for me as a reward for my many years of loyalty but this is also now over.


I don't  know why they have a customer loyalty department anymore as they weren't able to do a single thing for me that the regular customer service rep could, NOT A THING.  I was told because of the new two year plans, Telus has taken away just about all the "override" options the Customer Loyalty Reps had.  This is sad as I felt "special" when they would do these little things for me.


Needless to say, I never bought the new phone and am currently looking around for best options.


I know it's corney to say but I did feel like a special customer and was being rewarded for my long years with the company and because of this, I wouldn't even look at other companies as great service breeds loyalty.


My last renewal was "problematic" as the customer service rep had obviously been drinking as he wreaked of alcohol and slurred his speech but I didn't fault the company as I knew this was just a single bad seed in what I thought was a great company.


Sorry Telus, my loyalty has faded.


Good Luck




Community Power User
Community Power User

If you're buying a new phone on contract, don't expect to get a deal on the plan anymore since the government made the carriers change to 2 year plans. If you purchase the phone outright, you can keep the old plan usually and in some cases get another discount. (Can buy the Nexus 5 from Google for $350 unlocked vs. $500 at any Canadian cell provider) Other than that if you try buying a new phone at any provider, you're getting a new plan and they all cost about the same.


As you'll see in many places, large companies care nothing for loyalty. There are so many customers it doesn't make any difference. If it was say a local business that has a smaller customer base, loyalty would be more important and more likely to be rewarded.

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