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The international calling add-on is a joke


Rogers offers 5 dollars(and you can get it for 1 dollar) for unlimited international texting and preferred call rate, 0.02,0.03 per min .

For Telus, you have to pay 10 dollars for international texting and 3 dollars for preferred calling at rate 0.10 , 0.15 per min.


What a joke .


Community Power User
Community Power User

With the plethora of apps available across the world this should not be a limitation especially if you have a data connection.

many people still like the way of using phone not the app . and I m one of them . 

I agree, I'm not a fan of having to download a specific app just to connect with specific people. 20% of people using App A, another 20% using App B, etc. It's too much hassle to keep track of which person uses which app. A phone number is universally accessible without having to worry about if the person you are trying to reach is on a particular platform.