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Telus the Criminals

Just Moved In

I am absolute sickened by this company and the lack of customer service. I am unable to receive a call-back until JANUARY 5TH. 

I am trying to lower my plan, as TELUS continues to **** and pillage with fees, while raising the monthly fees to have a cell phone. My data usage has mysteriously gone up 10x fold since the new plans have come out. Turns out Telus sells the information of the locations of customers (not individual but bulk) to governments and major large cooperations. Finding out that you need to call in to opt out (it takes days to get hold of anyone). 

I see you have a $70/month offer on your website. When I try to change to this, it says $85/month. NO HELP AVAILABLE, YOUR AI BOT IS COMPLETELY USELESS.


Give me one good reason why I shouldn't start a class action lawsuit for you charging consumers to , you manipulate your website to make it impossible to change anything, oh and you also made 20 BILLION DOLLARS.




This forum is not a place for hyperbole and threats. If you are not happy with the plan options @spennyalberta there are other providers available that you should consider.

If you are actually interested in getting help, maybe you should message a mod instead of ranting and espousing conspiracy theories.
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