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Telus messed up and I ended up paying them for it!!!

Last year my so was smashed and I bought the s20. I wanted device care for it as I have been doing that for all my phones since the device care started. I've had my s20 for over a year and a half now and the screen is now cracked. I went to go look at my device care and it said I didn't have any, even though I've been paying for it every month. I called and was told I had been paying for device care for my so this whole time. It took them 2 weeks to come up with a resolution, which was they could credit me $74, when I asked why not the full amount they informed me that because bI did not tell them about it in the first place they wouldn't credit me the full amount. I have been with Telus since 2007 and assumed they did their job correctly! I didn't notice until I actually needed to use the service that there was an error with it. They basically accused me of trying to play the system! When I brought that to their attention they offered me $140 credit. In the end I took the $140 credit because they would not credit me back the full amount of $180 ($9/month for 20 months). So they messed up, I can no longer get device care on my s20 and I gave them an extra $40 on top of it! What is happening to this company??? I'm not impressed at all, that is no way to treat a long time customer, I've never ever missed a payment in the 14 years I have been with them, and this is my thank you! Accusations and ripped off!!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @tristahx sorry to hear about the situation for your phone.  Is the 20 months account to when you first activated the new device? 

Yes it is. My S20 was activated May 15, 2020...

Trista H