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Telus device protection plan.. what a joke

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i call to get my Nexus 6p replaced as the camera lens has dust behind the lens making taking pictures impossible as there are big black spots..

ive had the phone for almost 2 years now. anyways i call. they say its approved. Great. next day (today) they call and leave a voice mail saying we dont have any replacments in stock so we will send you money for the device. $525. yeah thats all great. yet with $525 i can not even buy a new Nexus 6p. especially USD.. atleast if your going to go that route pay for the cost of a new one. like im not going to take money from my own pocket to use with that 525 to pay for a new phone that should be covered for paying $7 a month.. thats the whole point. not impressed may as well keep my phone and not take pictures



IMHO if they can't provide the same phone should be next closest replacement Pixel XL 🙂


But still I'd probably take the cash and ditch them once contract is up.

my contract is up but imo telus is the lesser evil of the providers. but they should have to provide a equal or better replacement its not like there are no Nexus 6ps anywhere.

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You do realize the warranty is provided by a third party, and not Telus itself? 

I'm not seeing the Pixel in the marketplace, so I'm not sure where a replacement would be obtained.

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@Paskell is the dust between the camera glass and the camera lens? If so you can just remove the glass cover and clean it. Not the ideal solution but if you love the phone that much..

It's a fairly common problem with the 6P.

Tear down guide: (step 5)

I can understand why you would think that. Your situation is complicated for sure. There are 4 things contributing to your situation. 1. Device Balance. 2. The Like Device Clause 3. Device Care 4. Device Protection. The Nexus 6p was an awesome and expensive phone. Valued at more than $525 as you well know. You most likely would have paid something upfront for your device. I believe the phone was valued at about $800. Depending on the promotions at the time for how much you had to pay upfront vs how much Telus was subsidizing you may have paid $200 ish upfront or nothing at all. The $525 they're offering you sounds like your device balance. It would of course be in Canadian as Telus is a Canadian company. So that's where that number comes from. The 2, 3 and 4 are all tied together. Device Care and Device Protection are the extended warranties you can purchase through Telus for non -apple products. The old one was Device Protection Plan and the new one is Device Care. They are both fairly similar but, do have some differences in their warranties. Since you said they made you pay $225, that would be Device care pricing which means you are on the new type of warranty. It states that if they do not have the exact model of your device they will replace it with a like device. You'll want to see if you still have the email or paper work you got or even any recent Telus bills telling you when your contract started. Your Device Care will have started the day your contract started to find the exact date your Device Care started because there are a couple different types of Device care. Follow this link:

On page 1: near the bottom in the Definitions sections section 6.) is where it talks about replacement devices. It doesn't matter what year you pick it's their standard contract. So you could dispute it and get some kind of other Nexus. But if you are almost done your contract than your Telus Device balance will be super low and you could just sign a new contract and get a brand new phone cheaper than replacing this phone and getting and getting a refurbished device. 

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That's all fine and well since my contract is up and I only paid $50 upfront for the phone.. but my point is I don't want any of the new phones out as they are hardly an upgrade from this phone so why be stuck with another phone for 2 years. When they should be replacing this one.. as you said they have it written they must supply an equal replacement.. even trying to call them. On hold for 45 minutes still not through..

Well, you could dispute it for sure but, the "equal replacement" is at esecuritel's discretion. If you fight it then who knows what they're going to give you. At least with the money  you can go on kijiji or craigslist or even and buy a used device outright and pick what your equal replacement is or even buy another nexus outright. I get what you're saying. You paid for the insurance for the peace of mind that it would just be taken care of if you needed anything.  

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Yeah DPP is pretty much the same BS those extended warranties car manufacturers always try to push.


Take the money there is no way you're getting anything similar and guaranteed it will be refurbished.

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Same thing just happened to me with my S8. I pay like 10$ a month. I almost got hit by a car, phone glass with Moshi on it(cost 40$ and does not fit S8 rounded edge) I jumped out of the way of car and glass is broken..... telus does not explain you the client has to deal with their ins company. Oh they will replace it but costs $250!! Would not answer what I am paying 10$ a month for if not for this exact situation!!!! Telus has gone down hill seriously with their customer service and not standing behind the products and services THEY sell you. You the client are sucked into a money grubbing vortex! On long term disability and they knew it....... and used it against me! I was told if anything happened to my phone it would be replaced immediately..... oh and yes it is true but oh the hefty charges never get mentioned by Telus. After o er 15 years loyalty to Telus..... time to definitely move on!!

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Every insurance plan I've purchased has a deductible. As far as I know, all the cellphone insurance suppliers have a similar deductible.


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Sigh... This my third time posting this reply as it keeps disappearing, and while I should have saved the first post, I did not, nor did I save the second. From weariness, I'll be brief this time.


@LBeaulieu wrote:
telus does not explain you the client has to deal with their ins company. Oh they will replace it but costs $250!!

Yes they do tell you in-store when you buy the insurance, or you can ask, or read your contract, or go online to find the information.


It's all there, how to make a claim to Asurion, etc., transparent and easy to understand. In all things contractual, it's up to the customer to inform themselves.


Sometimes Telus information pages can be slightly out of date, but finding updated information is not difficult if you're interested in your property and financial welfare.


I'm clicking 'post' now...fingers crossed.


I have a Nexus 6P sitting on my desk collecting dust.  It has been a back up phone for a while and hasn't been used in a few months.  Still in great condition with a tempered glass screen protector and a couple of different cases.  


What do you want in a phone to consider replacing it with?  There tend to be some decent deals out there depending on what you might want.  LG's V30, which has horrible uniformity issues with their screens, tend to go for pretty cheap in almost mint condition on Ebay.  The LS998 can easily be converted to a US998 and even to the H933 with a little effort.  The screens are the only real drawback of the device but the wide angle camera is fantastic.  $325 is about what they cost for the 128GB black version.  


If you are looking for something new, the G7 ditches LG's pathetic pOLED panel for a very nice mLCD.  The wide-angle camera isn't as good as the V30 but because of LG's launches being massive failures for the past 12 years in a row.  No one is really buying them and can be found quite cheap for a brand new device on sites like Swappa thanks to T-Mobile's BOGO offer where you buy one, get one free.  

What a joke indeed. The last phone I got, the rep at the Telus Store offered me the plan. He never said there would be an additional replacement fee; I understood there was only the $9 monthly charge. So I did the math and figured it would be a good deal. In my welcome package / email, I never got anything else that expanded on my terms and conditions.


So, almost a year later, my phone got damaged. THAT's when I found out that my replacement fee is pretty much the same as buying a comparable unlocked phone. 


With this new info, I never would have paid for the device care plan as the numbers just don't make sense to me. I felt misleaded. I tried to get Telus to either honour our understanding at the time of my signing and give me a phone without replacement charge, OR refund my money that I paid for a warranty that I will never use. They refused both and in escalated conversations with customer service went further and further toward implying that I was lying that I never received the information. It was absolutely appalling especially over something as petty as $9/mo.


It was honestly one of the worst customer service experiences I ever had and just another example of how Telus' service is going way downhill. They absolutely have no regard for their customers. We disconnected all our other services (internet/TV/home phone) a long time ago and were hoping that mobile service would still be okay but I think after these contracts we currently have end, we will be going elsewhere.