Telus and RCS integration


Telus and RCS integration



I have been looking forward to the idea of having SMS upgraded to RCS, it adds a whole list of features to the possible communication,

however Telus has been giving vague answers and have come up short on the promise of "Some time in 2018"


I would like an actual update on this, because all other carriers are already supporting it.

It's getting to the point where I will be switching providers.


Any update on rcs? Telus last one to provide rcs support?

Try the latest beta of Android Messages.  

I the issue is Telus not supporting it.

Yes, but not supporting it by asking that it be included in their firmware and stock apps.  Google has implemented RCS native support into the latest beta of Android Messages, which doesn't require the carrier to support this any longer for it to work.  As long as your device is on Android P, RCS will work with the latest beta of Android Messages for those in the Android Messages beta program, regardless of your carrier.  

Actually, Google did release RCS and bypassing carriers but only in the UK and France for now. They mentioned they will release it in other countries in the next year. So Canada right now doesn't have it and still reply on the carriers unfortunately. I am part of the messages beta program and don't have the feature.

Now, the rcs integration start on 21 August with the Google Pixel 2 2XL and Pixel 3 3XL. More devices gonna be add later this Year.

Every comment I've read on Reddit and MobileSyrup has identified that the option to enable chat features appeared and then later disappeared. I've had the same thing. Any idea when it'll actually be working?

I have the same issue. I have the 2XL and it showed up for 2 seconds and disappeared and I haven't seen it since. Why won't Telus respond?

I just activate beta look for update and still cannot register as it still say that my operator do not support it. I do have latest version android also ona S10+.


I got into the beta program and same thing cannot register.


Telus used to be a great company and I didn't mind paying the higher fee's because the customer service was terrific.

However, now there are cheaper options, with better customer service and better features.


I don't understand how Telus plans to keep growing when they won't keep up with the times.


Telus has never been quick to roll out new features and technologies.  Whether or not that is a good thing, is debatable.  What device you have will further complicate the time frame as to when that update will be available for you to enjoy.  Samsung devices usually get features before LG and Huawei devices.