Telus and RCS integration


Telus and RCS integration



I have been looking forward to the idea of having SMS upgraded to RCS, it adds a whole list of features to the possible communication,

however Telus has been giving vague answers and have come up short on the promise of "Some time in 2018"


I would like an actual update on this, because all other carriers are already supporting it.

It's getting to the point where I will be switching providers.


I just noticed Chat features are now enabled on my OnePlus One. I checked my wife's Nexus 6P and my daughter's Pixel 2XL and they both have it now as well.

Chat also appeared on my Telus essential phone yesterday.  RCS, chat support proved by jibe mobile - Google.

I just noticed Chat features are now enabled on my OnePlus One. I checked my wife's Nexus 6P and my daughter's Pixel 2XL and they both have it now as well.

This shouldn’t be happening..

I have the same issue on my Note10+, I hate that this update was even pushed despite not being able to activate chat features



Yes, I tried both Google's and Telus's url in Messages to get RCS working for my Samsung S9, I was testing against someone on Bell network that does have RCS working correctly. It did not work for us, sadly.


The url is the same as listed earlier in this thread:





Been using it for a few week now. It foes work.

Just have to follow those step :

Does it work with Google Messages or Samsung Messages?

And with what device? I tried with a Note 9 to no avail.


Only work with Google messages.


I just got the August security patch for my Samsung s10+, and now there's an update in my messages app I can't apply.

So there's a an orange 'N' just waiting for me every time I use my messages app that won't go away.


I'm definitely switching providers.

First it was raising my plan ($5 more than the other 2 companies)

Then it's charging $8 a day for roaming, while others charge $7.

There's also been a few weird moves they've pulled on billing.


The reason Telus is successful today is because while the other 2 companies were greedy years ago, Telus had good customer service, prices and were fair. Now the tables seemed to have turned. Oh well, I guess a good thing doesn't last forever.

You might want to check out what Bell is doing for their "roam better" where they throttle you after 500 megs a day when you are in the US effective in November, I think.


Prices for Apple lightning to mini RCA Audio adaptor that I saw recently in Canada:

Apple store       $10

Rogers store    $10

Source (Bell)    $12.95

Telus store      $14.95


As far as I am concerned, Telus started to go downhill right about the time they bought Clearnet.  


I wish they'd come around to the company they used to be.




Hi, I totally agree with you and Telus is so vague about any updates or info about this. It's always the same answer they give which basically is nothing and they always tell people to check their website lol. I've started to talk with Rogers and as soon as my contract ends, I'm switching since Rogers has all features like RCS and WiFi calling to multiple different phones VS Telus that doesn't have these features to any phones or just certain phones for WiFi calling. It's ridiculous how Telus "support" lol these features in 2019.

Note also that Telus does not permit WiFi Calling outside of Canada.  I have approached them on multiple occasions to give an answer as to why this is so, and receive only unrealistic answers such as "their agreements with carriers" - which is hogwash since, using the USA for an example, what sort of "agreement" would say "Telus, you can't enable WiFi calling in the USA and must use AT&T or TMobole but WE will use WiFi calling in Canada".  Total rubbish answer.


Or that it is "illegal".  Yes it is, in a handful of countries, not many.


I've been a Telus customer many years.  I appreciate that they have a nice, expansive list of EasyRoam countries.  But I don't like having my phone unable to do things for no valid reason, and that's what it valid reason.   Good luck with Rogers.  Maybe 9 or 10 million others should follow suit and they might listen.  Because that's another thing, they seem to have a listening problem.

I find it discouraging to say the least, but they aren't concerned about the users anymore, they're focused on money now.

They are the Blizzard of cellular services.

The "latest story" about why WIFI calling doesn't work outside Canada is that the foreign carriers aren't set up for it. The contention is that the phone "talks" to the Telus towers in order for WiFi calling to work, and this is why it is not possible to have it work outside of Canada.  Upon further query, the contention is that the phone *must* talk to the Telus towers in order to do wifi calling,  even when the phone is in Canada and in airplane mode, or far away from any tower and on wifi.    You know, if they told me that "so and so who is a VP won't allow it" or something like that, it would at least make sense. The stories get so tiring...they are so ridiculous.     WiFi calling is a convention.  Somehow we are supposed to believe these concocted stories.  Several people have put their phones on VPN and then successfully enabled wifi calling.  Which, if one needed to disprove a point, this would certainly do....really sick of this crap.  

The simple answer is Telus has chosen not to implement Wi-Fi calling outside Canada. If you keep pressuring folks for whom the knowledge is 'above their pay grade', you will just get surmise, as is this post.

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Folks who are asked a question that is “above their pay grade” are supposed to escalate it, not fabricate illogical stories about it.  Whether Telus chooses to implement or not to implement WiFi calling outside of Canada, it is not unrealistic, as a customer, to ask for a valid reason why.  My contention is that there is not any justifiable reason – and if they do have one, which does not contain falsehoods, I should be entitled to hear it.

We as customers are told to call customer service when we have a problem.  We are not given a different number to call if the question is “difficult”

The utterance of rubbish answers and failure to escalate to someone who can provide a proper answer is a failure on their customer service.  Furthermore, it has been totally ignored on their suggestions area, which, unlike this forum, is supposed to be manned and answered by actual Telus employees.


Although having or not having international wifi calling is not likely something that Telus could be reported to the regulator for, having their customer service giving ridiculous excuses certainly is.

Rather than getting called out for pointing out some obvious failures in Telus customer support, it would be nice to have some more people getting on their case to up their game.

Although Telus has a much better list of EasyRoam countries, the difference between travelling with Telus and travelling with Rogers is now like night and day.  Rogers not only has WiFi calling everywhere it is legal, but I’ve also noticed my iPhone does VoLTE in the USA with Rogers in every state I’ve tried recently – as in six states in the last few days.  Telus: 0.  Call setup as it goes back to 3G is slow in comparison.

What happens when you're in the United States with Rogers on Wi-Fi Calling and dial 911?
Where does it do? Does 911 in the US close to where you are pick up or does Canadian 911 pick up?

That might be the reason why TELUS doesn't allow it.

@DeanLubaki wrote:

What happens when you're in the United States with Rogers on Wi-Fi Calling and dial 911?
Where does it do? Does 911 in the US close to where you are pick up or does Canadian 911 pick up?

That might be the reason why TELUS doesn't allow it.

RCS and Wifi Calling are separate unrelated features. This thread is about RCS.

Point taken.

Maybe we should start a thread "Things Telus doesn't do but should"

If it is, they should say so.  But they didn't.   I'm done with them.