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Telus Smart Hub

Just Moved In

I live on a small Island in BC, very rural, and have had the Smart Hub for about 1 month. I'm only getting 2 bars at best.  The hub is upstairs near a window. There are trees all around which may be affecting internet connection. Would it help to get a booster? 

I called Telus 2 days ago and got such a headache trying to explain my situation. The woman trying to help was sure I didn't have a Telus product. I gave up finally and decided to ask here. 


Just Moved In

I am just going through the same process. I am one month late how is it going?

I talked to some good people and yes it was a headache at times with some.
After a process:Telus will professionally install a “specially engineered booster antenna” for you. 
That is what they are going to do for me anyway.

I installed a market booster antenna on my own first. Putting the hub next to the booster, it went from 1 to 4 bars.

Connection speed wise at first I would say it helped, but I still had issues.

I talked to Telus and they said I need one of their special engineered matched antennas for the hub. The issue need to be escalated.

It’s not a total loss with the market booster as my cell phone works everywhere around my property.

You mentioned bars, have you used a browser to connect directly to the hub? Look for the manual for your hub it will tell you how to do this. It will give you the actual signal strength, speed and a whole bunch of other information and control.

On my hub, rotating it 180 degrees and moving it away from the window doubled the strength. ( my windows are eglass with the metal film that can block signals). Yes one tech told me to put it right in the window.

I hope you problem has been solved