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Telus Hub Internet Inquiries. (A plead as well)

Friendly Neighbour

Okay, so, I am a gamer and I own a Telus hub as it is the only way for me to have an okay internet speed due to living in a rural area. Don't get me wrong, without the hub, I wouldn't even be able to reach 1 MB/s, but I believe it is connecting to an incorrect server because during speed tests it says the Vancouver host is closer and auto connects to it. In reality, I am much closer to Edmonton and when doing said connection tests, I score much higher on the Edmonton host (around 20mb/s+) than I do with the Vancouver one (3mb/s average, which is consistent with the speeds I see when not doing the test.) There are numerous signal boosters installed here as well, and I get an LTE+ signal on my mobile devices on different Telus plans. I would like to fix these slow speeds and hopefully use this hub to its fullest potential.




On a separate inquiry, I have been on calls with support on numerous occasions asking for an open NAT type option for the Telus hub, and have gotten mixed replies. Some say it is already a thing that you pay extra for, others say it is in the works, and a few say that it won't be an option. Without an open NAT, I am unable to connect to most players, and it really limits my social experience. I don't believe it would be impossible to implement this or come out with a better alternative while not increasing the price exponentially.


Anyways, that is pretty much it, I hope I will find the answers I seek, and I am wishing for a fast solution. I have faith in you, Telus. Come through for me, and countless others.


PS- I also have not received a battery for the hub, and I have owned it for roughly two years.


If any clarity is needed, feel free to ask, andI'll specify.



Friendly Neighbour

Picture of my download speed in action. (Not on speed test).

2019-01-23 (2).png

MB/s & Mb/s are two different things.


There are 8 Mb (Megabits) in 1 MB (Megabyte). So 2.9MB/s (Megabytes per second) show in your steam client is actually 23.2 Mb/s (Megabits per second). Just thought I'd mention that.

Thanks, didn't know that. As of right now, my smart hub seems to have reached a low point in speed and I don't know why. It was doing ALRIGHT in the years earlier, now it seems to have crapped out. Pic of speed provided.Screenshot_7.png

Friendly Neighbour

There isn't even support for my device. ZTE MF275R LTE SMART HUB. Also no battery yet. The Telus store in my town is a hunting store with a few chargers and phone accessories and they don't have answers for me. Phone support is a nightmare...


I am in the same boat with strict NAT and SLOW speeds. I was recently offered to be part of a test program for rural hub users to have open NAT for gaming. When I tried to contact the service person who left a message I got no response back. I am guessing we will soon have access to an open NAT.

Ya I can’t even play Xbox cause I can’t connect to anyone but I’ve had success with other online PC games (CS:GO) and have a ping around 60-70.

I’ve called Telus numerous times about static IP and open NAT but unless I go to a business plan/account and get bent over (I can max out 500gb/month easily) cause they don’t follow the rural internet plans. I’ve heard Telus has no plans on opening up NAT on the hubs anytime soon as they follow cell phones in terms of data/network.

I even bought an ASUS LTE hub from Australia, I called tech support and got 3 different answers on if it would work. So I bought a new sim, put it in the store and it showed full bars on LTE signal less once it booted up but I was in town and my tower I connect to probably didn’t have the same LTE bands as in town. So that was a waste of money. I’ve even called Bell/Rogers to see if they have anything comparable cause their tower is literally 2-3km away from me and my hub sees their networks but they don’t offer the rural plans like Telus.

If you can find an old huawei B890 (the ones they used for business accounts) it supports bridging so that would get rid of one NAT and make the hub act as a modem. The B612 has 2 NAT options and you can’t disable it. I’ve been searching if you can SSH into the hub and then maybe configure it command line style, like my Ubiquiti gear, some options aren’t on the surface on the control UI software but can be changed when logging directly into the device.

Friendly Neighbour

Okay, thanks for the reply, telus. God awful company.

Are you guys still having speed issues ? I'm a gamer as well living 20 minutes outside of Edmonton in rural Alberta. The service has really gone downhill since we subscribed a few years back. What annoys me perhaps the most is the sheer incompetence from Telus support regarding the Smarthub and related speed issues. Every time you call them its either they don't even know what the Smarthub is or they just run you through the basics .. "Did you try resetting your Smarthub ?" "Is it plugged in properly ?" "Are the lights all blinky and green ?" bla bla bla .. I swear to god you can have 2 people on the network and one person opens up a google page and the entire network completely bogs down and becomes unusable for everybody. And for 80$ a month ? The only reason people are still subscribed to Telus Smarthub is because there are no better alternatives, at the moment. Basically just waiting on Space X Starlink at this point. 

Mines been awesome the past few months. During the day its not great but I can usually stream netflix/youtube and even download a game on steam if i limit it to say 250-500KB/s. At night I can max out the 25 MBPS limit they give me. I can easily tear through my monthly limit of 500GB/M. I accidentally left Steam open once And downloaded 100GB of data during the night. I can usually get around 2.5 Megabytes/s download. And I'm using a cellphone booster as well. I also think i have my booster pointed at the wrong tower so i should try and move to see if that will fix my latency issues. I usually get around 70 ping in games like CS:GO.


I'm also about 15 minutes west of Stony Plain and i have **bleep**ty service, get like 1 bar of LTE but my booster gets me 4-5 bars LTE (at least that what the hub says).

yeah i have been trying to fix my NAT problem as well. i have called a few times about the NAT issues to no resolve, they also tell me mixed ansers about it coming soon, to i have to switch to business plan, and that its not even a option at all or ever. however my speed has been pretty consistently good, im getting what i am paying for speed wise. it just NAT type and ping issues i have. ping issues i know cant be helped do to where i live, its just microwave links all the way to here that serves mobile phones, landline phones and internet. i really hope they fix this NAT issue really soon!

I'm at the point of finishing my 80ft tower and then using some Ubiquiti Airfiber antenna's to see if i can buy/rent a connection of someone. I figured the max distance I'd need to go is about 20-30km as long as i can get line of site. The antenna's only add a few ms of latency but then I'd have the option of say getting a Telus fibre line.


Sad thing is I have a Rogers tower like seriously 2KM away from my house and they don't offer a data plan like Telus for their rocket hubs.


I have a pole set up at remote location with one of these units from Wilson, as a bonus they are made in North America.


There are several models so you can customize them to your needs, was a huge difference in signal after the install.