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Telus 5G Integration Partnering with Huawei.

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"Telus will begin rolling out its 5G network shortly, and our initial module will be with Huawei,” said Telus CFO Doug French, noting the network will be completed by the end of this year.


Is this true? Telus is partnering with Huawei? A Red Chinese government entity.


Every business in Red China must partner with the government. The government then has the capability to access every company record, including all customer data. Who you spoke to and when. What your text messages look like and anything they can get from accessing your physical phone through back doors. This is unacceptable and amounts to industrial espionage.


I've been with Telus since the ClearNet days, but will end that relationship if they move to partner with the Chicoms.


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Many cellular companies have built their networks with some Huawei equipment installed for decades.


Since our country is aligned with 5 eyes, our own Canadian govt and it’s partners can have access to any data and communications. Nothing personal anymore.

The vast amount of electronics that come from China I’d be more worried about cheap security cameras and noname cell phones...


"Every business in Red China must partner with the government." ?


This is not a fact, Starbuck, KFC, Microsoft, Apple, even Tesla, and hundred of thousands of non-Chinese companies are running business in China.

Not to mention most Fortune 500 big companies also independently running their business in China.  

Do they partner with Chinese government?  The answer is No.  


Are these companies' customer database be collected by Chinese government for other purposes?  Again, NO.

Go there and take a look by yourself.


Equipment is just a tool box, how to use this tool is on Telus's hands.

Telus is strong enough to protect your data, does not matter who make the equipment.



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Community Power User

More often than not, for those companies to be doing business in China, they have to partner with a local Chinese company. That local company quite often will have ties to the Chinese government. In rare cases, especially if the company is large enough (pays enough), they may be able to set up shop without a local partner.


Some examples:

  • KFC only owns 51% of their operations in China. The rest is owned by The Bank of China, Beijing Food Production and the Beijing Tourist Bureau. In 2016 they've also partnered with Baidu for some new concept stores.
  • Starbucks is currently partnered with the Alibaba Group in China.
  • General Motors is partnered with SAIC General Motors Co. Ltd.
  • Apple is partnered with Foxconn in China for their manufacturing.

Automakers are going to be an exception starting as President Xi Jinping has pushed forward plans to phase out joint-venture rules for foreign automakers by 2022.

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Partnering with local leading company is a modern way to do business around the world, but it is not a mandatory policy by Chinese government.

It is just a better way, from business point of view, to expand their business in China.


Chinese companies are also investing to a lot of non-Chinese companies worldwide.

That does not imply the Chinese government is controlling these companies.


Canada needs the best 5G system asap to catch up because other countries have already been running ahead.

Which one is the best 5G system?

Decision should be made based on product's technology, quality, cost, ease of use. etc. and pass the benefits to users.

And should not affected by the country of origin of that equipment or other political issues.


Telus is using Chinese equipment for long time with excellent track records, they know Huawei much better than we do.

Network system and the data flowing through, are completely controlled by operator, not the system hardware itself.

From security point of view, it is no different from using equipment by Nokia or Ericsson or even Cisco.






By the way, 5G equpment by Nokia and Ericsson, are also produced in China although they are European brand,  just like iPhone.




I am with you.  If Telus goes ahead with this plan they are going to lose thousands of customers, which is going to affect their bottomline. The people who do not realize the Chinese government is on a road to dominate the world need to wake up.  Also, if Telus goes down this path, Canada is going to be isolated from the USA.  We do not need this given the political world we live in.