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Hi everyone,


I think I'll be one of the last person who will use t-up to upgrade my phone.


My question is : When I will return my actual phone, what is "good working condition"?


I have a galaxy s7 and my back screen is cracked. Does I will be able to trade my phone for a new one?


Thank you!




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@sk8brd You will have to get your phones value assessed. Any damage occurred on the phone. Example broken screen etc will decrease the value of your trade in.

To find a location http://www.telus.com/forms/stores/en/find-a-store.jsp?INTCMP=TcomBtnTradeIn

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I would guess it means in resalable condition, or able to be refurbished. If the rear case is cracked, but is a replaceable part, it should be acceptable to the program. All you can do is try!



 See other post in this thread.


Found the reference I was seeking. This page provides the conditions. It appears you would need to use the extended warranty to effect a repair to the device before submitting it to the T-up upgrade  program.

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