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Sims are no Show


I have moved 6 lines from Fido to Telus on Nov 29 and the Order (Sims) was shipped to me on Dec 1 as per the order status. I have not received the Sims yet and the Telus has strated charging me since Nov 29. There is no tracking on the shipment number. only status Telus is showing that its shipped. 

I tried calling their support (so far 1.6 hours of waiting) and Telus assistant with no luck. 

Should I expect any improvement in customer service from Telus in the future or I am making a big mistake moving to Telus?




Did you receive your Sim Cards? Usually you would get a shipping notification within a day or so of the shipping status changing to "shipped" on the order status page. 

Dino, No, I have not received the Sim yet. According to one of the CS i talked to, she confirm that they we mail thru ordinary post and might take 15 days of so to reach me as she is trying to buy more time. 

Contacting Telus is big issue for me. For me, Telus Assist never worked. for couple of time, it asked for the call back and then get into loop and keep on asking the same question again and again. 
So far, spend 14+ hours with Telus.. jumping from Customer Service to Loyalty to WinBack to Billing. Only thing I am hearing is .. "Oh we are very sorry about that..let me talk to my supervisor" and then transfer to other department. Today, the billing just cut me off after they didnt find any solution for my issue.  They dont want to honor their commitment what I got from the winBack Team.

I am really angry with myself on how Telus manipulated me and lure me by offering me a cheap plan and try to charge more. Its not a good practice on the long run.  

Yikes... that's no good. It's definitely not the norm, but shipping delays and wait times do happen and can take longer around the holidays... Unfortunately on the neighbourhood we don't have any sort of line of sight to orders, all we can advise is to follow up directly with TELUS and given your history of engagements, possibly escalate. Though you said that one of the agents mentioned it could take another 15 days or so.

Friendly Neighbour

Have you double checked with the CS team if the address is correct? This happened to me because telus forgot to put my house address on the label.