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Significant drop in reception quality over the past year

Just Moved In
Problem is as described above. Over the past year, we’ve gone from being able to make calls and send non-iMessage texts no problem from anywhere in our house or neighbourhood. We’ve lived in the same area for 20 years, and been with Telus for most of that, and never had issues. However, the last year, reception quality has dropped to the point that incoming calls often aren’t received at all, and when a call connects it’s too choppy to maintain a conversation. Text messages often won’t send until we leave the house. My phone will typically show 2 bars throughout the house, however, and never fully drops reception despite the poor quality.

For reference, we live in the middle of Kelowna, BC, so it’s not like we are in a rural area at all. It’s also not just our phones, anyone that comes by has the same issue that has Telus as their carrier, regardless of platform. Using wifi works just fine (for iMessage, FaceTime, etc.). Is it time to switch carriers?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you spoken with technical support yet? That is usually the best first step to take. I had a similar issue several years ago and Telus did sent a tech to the area. Not sure how common that is. The problem I was experiencing did get resolved. Still had 1-2 bars at most inside but I could make clear calls and send iMessages without issue.

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Telus is a rip off and they sell tower signal services to other providers so you'll be stuck in same boat no paddles its a shame how they treat us seling services but only providing half the services you purchased. complan to better business burrow

Just Moved In
We live in east kelowna. Only ever had decent service by standing in dining room. Rest of 12 acres a total dead zone