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Receiving text messages from iphone without wifi

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I have an iphone running iOS 6.1.6 and I do not subscribe to a Telus data plan.  It seems that I cannot receive texts from my friend (who also has an iphone) unless I have wifi internet connectivity.  She is not on the Telus network.  I can send messages to her without internet, but not receive hers.  She is running iOS 7.1.1.  I do not have the same problem receiving texts from Android devices.  What can I do?


Community Power User
Community Power User
If she is sending you iMessages, you will only receive them while you are on WiFi. If, on the other hand, you are sending her SMS messages they will be sent to her phone

SMS text bubbles are green, while iMessage bubbles are blue.

I recall no simple solution, other than turning off iMessage and receiving all texts as SMS. She may have to create a new contact card for you, and you may have to initiate a message string to her.
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Just Moved In

Firstly check your messages settings on your iPhone. Or you can reset your iPhone. But before resetting iPhone, you'd better backup your data. You can transfer text messages from iPhone to computertransfer contacts from iPhone to computer to back them up.

Turn off imessage.



Change her phone in your contacts as a 'mobile phone', not an 'iphone'.