Questions about transaction details on prepaid accounts


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I'm considering jumping from Bell to Telus, because I can get absolutely *no* transaction information from Bell, the only information I can have is my remaining credit... :smileyfrustrated: (my phone is an unlocked HTC 8x)

Can't know if I was billed for calls, data, or whatever else, unless I call Bell and ask them to recite every transaction on record, which I did the other day and they found a $12 transaction that was an error!


So my question, about prepaid Telus accounts: 

 - can you see the transaction details for which you have been charged? (ie: date, phone #, duration, or data quantity used)

 - can you see how much data you have left for the month/cycle?

 - can you manage all that right from your phone?

 - are you generally satisfied about your Telus service?


Feel free to provide any other comments or info





The answer of all your questions is YES. On your online account you can do so many things such checking usage, transaction history, change phone#, change device, check usage in real time. etc. You can even get an application in your phone and from there you can check all of this. even the service is better because if there is something that is not correct, Telus will correct it for you. I hope you take the chance to know how Telus can make you a happy customer. Smiley Happy Hope this will help you


I have been a telus prepaid subscriber since 2003, I only pay 10 bucks per month and can log in to my account and see all transactions,who I called, and who called me, my features expiry, how much time left, expiry date and reload my account through this site and my bank, not to mention they text me 5 days before my time expires. I love telus and wouldn't switch to any other carrier.  I can't speak for other people but I don't talk on the phone alot, but I do text and I find that $5.00 per month for 250 texts is sufficient for me and then I get the 20 cents a minute rate. 

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Thanks for the reply Pamela!


I'll be getting a Telus SIM sometime this week and will try them out. Glad to read that I'll be able to keep track of where and how my money is leaving my pockets  Smiley Wink 

I absolutely do not mind paying for services I use, but with Bell, not knowing what and why I'm paying was driving me nuts, and they once charged me $12 "in error", which would have just gone through had I not asked the support agent to enumerate *all* my billed transactions...


As for the phone App, unfortunately there is no Windows Phone App yet, but that will probably be fixed sometime in the future - in any case, it's not a dealbreaker (Bell has an App but it's so ungodly slow it's useless, and it just gives the current $ balance anyway...).

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Thanks for your reply tpasko, nice to see a long time prepaid customer that is happy with the service!


Hi tpasko2013- just so you know telus reduced the minute rate for customers with any feature from $0.20 to $0.15...