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Question about eSecuritel

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My Galaxy Note 5 stopped working and used my telus device care to get a replacement phone and i was wondering if eSecuritel sends out brand new or refurbished phones as a replacement? Also how long does it take for them to ship your phone?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The information here (and in the documents linked from there) states that, depending on circumstances, you may receive a new or refurbished OR similar phone depending on availability of replacements.



What kind of a replacement device will I receive?

Your replacement device will be of like kind and quality with similar functionality and comes with a 90-day warranty or the balance of the original warranty, whichever is greater. We try to match the exact model and color as your original device, but we can’t guarantee that your replacement device will be exactly the same model or color. Your replacement device will be either a brand new or refurbished device of the same or similar make or model, or a different make or model device with comparable features, at our sole discretion.



They indicate 2 days shipping time, unless you live in a more remote location in Canada (usual courier / express mail shipping times to your locale).


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