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Package is missing !!

Just Moved In
Ordered a watch over three weeks ago and still no updated information from Telus or UPS for when it will be delivered (been in “caledon” since December 4th) Both parties have started an investigation as to where it is and both parties investigation periods have lapsed with no answers. I’m now being billed for this and my apple care plus has started. I’ve spent hours on the phone with agents only to hear there’s nothing we can do. I am furious right now at the customer service and would just like this resolved.

Unfortunately that's a sign of the times. I have a package with Purolator in limbo since Dec 9 and another with Canada Post with no status update since Dec 5.

Friendly Neighbour

I am in the exact same situation as you are only with a lost phone. Canada Post has sent the information for the shipper to make a claim but after 6 calls into Telus customer support and five of the calls promising someone would call me back - (the last two promising it would be a Manager calling) there is still no call. I have also used the Telus "escalation" link on their website, the Facebook messenger support app. and sent emails to the Telus Customer support email account.  No answer from anyone just surveys asking "How did we do" - Meanwhile yes, I continue to get charged for a phone that was never delivered.  Unbelievable how far Telus has fallen from what was once a great company to deal with. 

Please post how your stories end.

I have been waiting for the order of a sim almost 1 month. My frustration may not be as intense as yours.

I wish to know more how this local business provider handles this kind of case.

Friendly Neighbour

How did my story end ? After 2 weeks and 6 calls to Telus, multiple emails and online requests for help through all of Telus customer service online and social media websites I finally got a call back from a Manager out of Calgary. This Manager was helpful and I had been able to speak with someone like her on my very first call I would likely still be a loyal Telus customer.


Long story short the original order was cancelled and I was credited back the charges. I am told the contract for the lost phone is cancelled and that I will no longer be charged for it. I will see if that actually happens.


My next step is to cancel my current account with Telus which I will do this week. 

Great to hear the news. For my case, I have emailed Telus for returning money to me on Dec 31 after waiting a long period(The SIM has been charged in late Nov) . I haven't got any reply. Then, I found that I got an opened envelope around size 24*15 cm. The enevlope has no Telus logo. But, I found inside with only a 8 * 5.5cm TELUS card with SIM. Then, I emailed Telus warehouse again to confirm whether this is really for me.


I am not sure whether the SIM work under this kind of condition.

If this does not work, I puzzle whether they can do anything since I have no proof when I got the card!


Still waiting for the reply. 

As long as a SIM card has not been registered to any phone then it should work for anyone. You don't need proof of purchase or ownership.