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Open wi-fi - Similar to shawOpen


I've just switched from Shaw after 30 years and enjoyed ShawOpen wi-fi but little else from Shaw. how do Telus users access open wi-fi similar to Shaw Open wi-fi.


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  • Telus is slowly rolling out #TelusDirect.  I see it working in some neighborhoods around me.  I expect it to be more common in the coming months.
  • Telus offers cellular data.... Shaw offers nothing, even though they purchased wireless spectrum a few years ago.  Cellular coverage is much more vast than what Shaw wifi offers.

so #TelusDirect is similar to ShawOpen? Do i see this as a WiFi resource when traveling? and do I connect to it with me typical login and password as i did with Shaw? I may have been mislead by Telus when i was told i would have all the same features as i had with Shaw. I found out afterwards that there are several surprises such as only 2 HD views at a time in my home where i have 4 TVs all viewing HD when i had Shaw. I may have jumped the gun on switching at this time.

TelusDirect is a free service from TELUS, whether you are with TELUS or not.  Shawopen requires you have Shaw services. Support is from TELUS Mobility, but all you need is an email address to access. That email address need only be entered once a month.


The Optik on The Go does help with homes that have more TV's than streams. Upgrades are being done all across A.B. and B.C. to help with increasing bandwidth, and increasing service options. 


I've been told by several people at telus about this TelusDirect service but I keep asking "where is it"? please send me a link... etc. I cannot find it on search engines and I have asked 5 chat sessions to jsut send me a link so I can register if that's what i need to do. I keep getting transferred and then having to explain what me needs are to the next person who then tells me to try TelusDirect again.? I spent several hours online and then called twice and also got no answers.

When I was with Shaw (30 years) , I was able to connect to ShawOpen instantly and seamlessly . why is it so difficult to do the same with Telus?

@nleforte wrote:

I've been told by several people at telus about this TelusDirect service but I keep asking "where is it"? please send me a link... etc. I cannot find it on search engines and I have asked 5 chat sessions to jsut send me a link so I can register if that's what i need to do.

A business/location with it, should have a sticker on the window. Or just scan with your standard wifi interface on the phone if you trust wifi names.


According to the Telus Twitter team, there will be an App in the coming months. It's a slow roll out and Telus would prefer to have a large wifi footprint to avoid complaints that there is no Telus wifi at some location.

part 1

part 2

More and more spots being found and once we have enough out, we will have an app to locate. As of now, word of mouth/google search to locate. More info coming out in the following months.




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One of the Rotary Clubs in our town is hoping to partner with Telus to create a Wi-Fi mesh in our business district with telus providing the back-end, and the club providing / sponsoring the on-site infrastructure. So far they have had little success, but possibly if more folks start clamouring for this service, Telus will look for more partners to roll it out!

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I know I've have 3 HD videos running in the past. However if you are recording several stations at the same time, the available HD goes down.

Those wireless boxes makes it so easy to add additional screens around the house. Optik to go on my iPad allows for more screens.‎

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Not hard to find. This came up as the first option on a Yahoo search:

The service is available at limited locations so far. I believe you can register on the spot.
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Welcome to the forum @nleforte: Is unfortunately the switching from Shaw to Telus-wasn't productive to activate, your Wi-Fi..but you've the alternative like in PCs-Settings to roll-back the change, hahaa! joking..@nleforte.. I do have the opposite problem. My Internet provider is <> recently they sentMe an e-mail offering the Wi-Fi..activation in my "Cell" I signed up but my Wi-Fi doesn't work. 


When I goto Starbucks or A&W-etc. I turned the Wi-fi-icon On/scan in list for Starbucks >find it >tap it >display Satarbucks IP+ other Data & AskMe if I wanto connect.Tap <Ok> start to scan, but later it quit.

I asked Shaw for a fix, said that probably that Starbuck location, isn't part of the Shaw-Open Wi-Fi hotspots. Same happens in A&W,.Should I cancel my <Shaw.Wi-Fy> & connected to Telus-it might work better. Replies welcome <V9>


I red your msge @Nighthawk: I do a research before take a decision. Thks for reply.

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

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@v9 - Shaw Open wifi is only in places where the owners / operators of the business or building agree to have it installed. If you switched internet to Telus, you would no longer have access to the Shaw Open wireless networks as they require a Shaw internet account unlike the Telus wireless network. If you connect to ShawOpen once, it'll automatically connect every time you are near any of the access points. Shaw's website has a map showing their locations.

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You don't have to be a Shaw customer to get free Shaw Wifi as a guest.


Guest access points aren't as numerous as points for paying customers, and of course guests don't get much usage per month. It's handy though. My daughter uses it. I have a Shaw account so I have full access, which is awesome and everywhere around here. 


I use Telus data rarely. Home wifi and Shaw Go provide all I need. I will say though that if someone banks online, then cell data is the safest choice to use for it if you have to bank on the go. 



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Just found this site everyone...

Zoom in on the map to click on dots to support these TelusDirect retailers and businesses.

I've never been able to register or connect using Telus. There's always some road block. Never had any trouble with Shaw and have been kicking myself for changing since I switched. Just 2 more years 😞


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