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Not able to contact telus

Just Moved In
Is anyone having issues calling Telus. Every time I try calling them it tells me to contact them during regular business hours even when I call them at 1pm. I've tried calling 4 times every day and nothing.

Community Power User
Community Power User
I prefer talking to them via live chat. First thing in the morning works best. Before call volume impacts your wait time.

Have no issue contacting them, besides the wait time.

What number are you calling? Once you calling *611 or the 1-866-558-2273 you press 2 for agent and 1 for billing to get to mobility care. 

Mobility Client Care Rep


Some day they will provide a call back feature or hire more support people. They are losing customers in droves. Calling first thing in the morning to get through is not a viable business plan.

I'm in mobility and we have plenty of people 🙂 Home services wasn't busy today either! Normally they are so I get the frustrations there for sure. Telus has the lowest churn rate of all the big 3 actually 😄 And the least amount of complains to the CCTS. Less than 1%

Mobility Client Care Rep