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No service

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Hi so I got a telus prepaid SIM card today in Medicine Hat, put it in my HTC One and it was working fine. I drove out of the city towards Calgary and then it lost signal.

Now I have absolutely no service, when I scan networks the only one I can pick up is Rogers, even though my friend right next to me has full signal on Telus.

Can someone please help?


Hi there, can you please let us know what device model you have?

Are you still having the issue?


In a case like this the first thing I would do is completely power off the device for a few seconds and let it start up again fresh.


My &

750.00 purched 20 days in service with you and I can't do anything what the f--- it's a 750.00???? I don't want to pay anything else, I am paying as we speak. I am so frustrated😂😂😂I'ms sending email. this as been 3 days and not getting my SMART phone to work because a  sims card I really need to be connected! I haven home phone and now no cell phone? I am waiting for a medical for a kidney transplant and I thought a cell phone would be perfect for me. To carry my life chance with me always thats perfect.....Like I said I have no home phone I purchased this phone for that reason...........WHAT DO I DO NOW???????

This purchase has been a nightmare.



Samsung galaxy 5s   (No sim working after 21 day of purchase.


Ms Newton  cell that doesn't work is 18195983509.


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Community Power User

You will need to contact Telus directly, either through the location where you purchased your phone, or as described here. The members of this community are unable to provide tech support.



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Hi 013princess013, you should normally have a 30 days exchange period in case of a defective new hardware, the best thing for you would be to bring it back to the store and replace it. Stay in the store until your new phone is working properly.  The S5 is a good hardware but don't take any chances, let the TELUS people look into your phone.