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No service and dropped calls

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We entered into a contract in November and had issues right away with Telus, no service/dropped calls/etc.....I drove into the Telus store here in Charlottetown approximately 10 days after entering into the shared data plan contract. The person at Telus showed us a few things with the settings on the iPhone 7 assuring me this would help. 6 days later, no better reception, so another trip into Charlottetown with a useless phone. The Telus rep tried his own personal SIM card in the phone to make sure we didn't receive a dud SIM card. He then said it was a phone issue and not a Telus issue and provided the phone number for Apple. Apple ran diagnostics remotely that same day and said the phone was fine. Back to Telus I go with this new information, they suggested getting a replacement (iPhone 7) from Apple, so I do that. Still we suffer with the same issues with this new phone. I place many more calls over the next couple weeks to Telus and explained this very issue over and over again with different Telus reps starting at the very beginning of the story each and every time. I spent well over 15 hours on the phone with Telus, drove 360 kms and spent another 3 1/2 hours in the store in person. Today is Friday Dec 30th, and this week alone I spent 5 hours on the phone with Telus just to arrive back to where we started. So here we are with a phone that doesn't work and no solution in sight. Correction, their fixes were; 1) pay out the remaining contact and phone and enter into a new contract with them with a new phone, 2) they would wave the bill from November still leaving us with a phone that doesn't work, 3) cancelling the contract and pay the remaining balance on the phone that doesn't work then give them $50 to have the phone unlocked, leaving a single phone on a shared data plan contract, 4) return the phone to Telus for service....oh sorry, you sent our/your phone to Apple on our advice, not our problem anymore.

Thank you Telus, your help has been greatly appreciated and I will be sharing our outstanding customer service we received from you...not.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Does your phone work in Charlottetown, or is the issue seen only when home?

Although it is possible to receive two malfunctioning phones, it is rare. You could accept the option to send for a replacement / repair.


What is the other phone on the plan, and does it show issues?


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