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I currently have a Samsung S5, My contract was up awhile ago. I can't contacted telus to up grade my phone to a Samsung S7 after receiving an messeges for telus offering $ 100 off a new phone. I contacted telus seeing the phone was on sale for $200, so there for it would cast me $ 100 so I thought. Since I have a loyalty plan they said I was not eligible. That it would cost me $250 not the sales price but $50 more . So much for being loyal. If I gave up my loyalty phone plan and took the new jacked up price plan of offering less of everything. Surprise I can have the sales price, THE SAME PRICE AS ANY CUSTOMER THAT STARTS WITH TELUS GETS. I have been with telus for they, they say 14 years at times there were 4 phones under my name. Currently there are 2. I think that I should be able to stay with my current contract and purchase the phone for $100 since the contract was given to me for being loyal and so was the $100 discount?

Well, basically you can have either but not both. You can have the sale price and pay more monthly or you can pay the normal pricing and keep the loyalty plan. It all depends on how much in savings you receive right now for your loyalty plan. If you are on a plan that is $10 cheaper than a new customer gets you'll be saving $10 over 24 months = $240 in savings. So it all depends on the math and if you are using all your features. Did you compare the LG phones with the samsungs? The LG G4 has the same specifications as a Samsung S7 Edge. You could keep your Loyalty plan and pay $50 for the phone. This offer only valid until July 12. Your current plan would need to be $75 before tax to meet the minimum spend requirement in either the LG G4 contract or the Samsung S7 contract. Hope this helps!

Mobility Client Care Rep