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New iPhone 6 offer ? Can I get a iPhone 6 32 or 64 for a bit more $ with this new offer?

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Community Power User
iPhone 6 is listed at $70 down for 16gb. No mention of 32gb and have the 64gb for $200 down.

Apple no longer offers 32gb memory in their later iPhones. iPhone 6, 6s, SE come in 16, 64 or 128. There you pay more upfront if you want more memory. the iPhone 6 64gb is $200 upfront. Telus does now offer premium plus plans which means you can pay $200 upfront and pay for instance your choice 65 unlimited nationwide and 1gb for $25 so the plan monthly is $90 or you can get the phone free but the same plan would be $10 more monthly so $100 for 1gb and unlimited nationwide
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