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New Unlimited plans

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone! Telus just launched new Unlimited plans today. Enjoy complete peace of mind with unlimited data that you can share with your family and with all connected devices on your account, like your smartphone, smartwatch, and tablet. Visit for more info.



My current plan with data sharing doesn't require that the 2nd and 3rd lines have a data plan. When I contacted CS to change to the new Unlimited plan the agent said that all 3 phones need to have the same rate plan. So I'm wondering where the Share part comes in?

On the Unlimited plans each line contributes data to the full speed data bucket. If one line has a 25GB plan and another is on a 50GB basically data will not slow down for either individual until they hit the 75 combined where before with the Peace of Mind plans each line only had the data associated with it available for use.


If you were on the old Your Choice plans it was one line controlled the data and the rest shared off it where now it’s still shared but every line is contributing data to the pool.

Thanks for the info.  I could not find any explanation on the Telus site on how it actually works.


So the sharing only adjusts the throttling point and there is no actual sharing of data. I think calling the Unlimted plans sharable is confusing because the the same term was used for the older shared plans and it worked differently. I'd like to see a clearer explanation on the plans page otherwise customers will be in for an unpleasant surprise.

That’s correct the sharing is just creating a pool within the account of full speed data and once the available pool is depleted then all lines would be throttled and the hotspot feature disabled unless a Fast Pass is purchased to add more full-speed/hotspot data for the bill cycle.

I just got off the phone with TELUS. I was on the Peace of Mind Connect Ultra CAN-US plan and just switched to the Unlimited 100 CAN-US plan.

Yes, my understanding is that POM Connect plans can be shared with the new Unlimited plans. POM (non-connect) and other legacy shared plans can not.

My tablet was a free connected device under the Peace of Mind Ultra plan I'd had, but upon switching to the Unlimited plan on the primary device today, I had to to start paying $10/mth for the tablet to access the Unlimited plan as a connected device.

My Galaxy Active2 watch was already $10/mth for its OneNumber access. That hasn't changed.