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I'm looking for a Telus representative to help me set-up my sim card. I'm not sure if my phone is unlocked or not, but I have the unlock code in hand from the previous carrier (Koodo). Everything I've read says it should prompt me to enter the code once I've turned off my phone, inserted the new carrier's sim, and then turned my phone back on. Nothing comes up, it powers on like usual.


I need someone to walk me through the process. I have my previous carrier's sim card, my previous carrier's unlock code, a brand new telus sim card, my phone's IMEI code, my telus account number. Haha, I have ALL the tools I think I'll need, but I don't know how to utilize them and I need a representative's help in setting up my new sim. Can someone point me to where to go to get the help I need??

I've been jumping through hoops trying to find a place to chat with a customer representative online or even just a phone number to call.


Community Power User
Community Power User

So what happens when you put the Telus SIM in? Since Telus and Koodo are the same company, you likely aren't going to see a screen asking you to unlock the phone. If the new SIM is activated, it should typically just work.

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