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Mobility Service Plans

I would like to share my truly awful recent experience trying to negotiate a less expensive mobility plan with Telus. It has left me feeling that their customer service staff including the so-called Loyalty Dept. staff are being trained to act as scammers. My request was simple - I wanted to see if I could reduce my mobility cost as while I need data as part of my plan in order to get business done when I am away from wifi, I use a fraction of the 20GBs it provides. My first call resulted in an offer of a plan called Voice 35 for $35, representing a savings from the $60+ I have now. However, in spite of my having said several times early in the call that I need data but not so much, she informed me that Voice 35 does not include ANY data. I asked if date could be added and she went away fro a LONG time & came back to say that yes, for an additional $15 month I could have 15GB of data, still a savings. I asked several times before agreeing to this plan - is there anything I am losing from my current plan? I was told no. I made the switch after based on my long history with Telus, also negotiating a waiver of a $15 plan change fee. However, the next day, I was using my phone away from wifi as I often have to do and I got a text informing me of $20 in data charges! What?!?! Of course it took forever to get a callback and and when I did speak with a different person I had to spend another hour + trying to explain what I had asked for, what I got and why it was not acceptable. I had written everything down so I know what I said and what the previous rep said. They then said Koodo was the only option - $39 for 20 GB of data. No option for a cheaper plan with less data. Again I was worried about what I might be losing. But I was assured it would meet my needs. I had to convince them to forgive the data charges in canceling the Voice 35 plan and to waive the Koodo connection charge as I had been so poorly served by the previous rep. Much time on the phone while this rep went away to consult about various things. And this was also the Loyalty Dept., not a low level rep. I almost fell asleep waiting. He explained he would put me back on my old plan, in a week I would get a Koodo SIM card for my phone & he would call me to activate it. Fine, I thought, gives me some time to decide if I want to move to Koodo. Again I asked if I was losing anything. No. So in a week my SIM card arrived. I did not put it in my phone as I was still undecided. I had not yet had a call to activate it. Then I got a Koodo bill in my email for $119! WTF? Again much time on the phone trying to get a clear explanation of how a $39/month plan had morphed into a first bill for $119. Turns out I was being charged $60 connection fee in spite of him telling me he was waiving it plus I was being charged a prorated Koodo charge from our earlier phone call, while I was still on my old plan and before I understood the Koodo plan had been activated. Many apologies from the rep, got him to send an email to me saying exactly what I would be paying in my first bill. I am still worried about making the switch but after spending probably 4 hours in calls to Telus, I wanted to get something out of it. We will see. But this was a horrible aggravating unpleasant experience, just a waste of time and I am left with the feeling that the intent of Telus is to confuse, obfuscate & deceive, just like any scammer. Beware! And what recourse is there? I do intend to write to the corporate office and the CRTC about my experience.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss further.

Further, my friend called Telus with a similar request - to reduce the cost of her mobility plan - and was offered a less expensive plan with no loss of services - an option I was not given, only a move to Koodo. I was paying $60 on my Telus plan. And then I was going to be charged a connection fee for Koodo of $67.20. This what my friend got for $45 - and she was told it was "a special deal" the agent was giving only to her. Now that is scammer language to me. I would have preferred this than the hassle of moving to Koodo. I am even more annoyed now.

Changes to your rate plan start August 25, 2023:
Add Unlimited 25 5G - Unlimited nationwide talk, text, and 25GB data at 5G speed up to 250Mbps - $45.00
  • Endless Data - No Data Overages
  • 25GB High Speed Data
  • Unlimited nationwide calls
  • 5G Speed (up to 250Mbps)
  • Hotspot up to 25GB
  • Unlimited nationwide texts, picture and video messaging
  • 911 Emergency Access Charge
Remove Peace of Mind ULNW 10 GB National - $80.00
  • Unlimited nationwide calls
  • 911 Emergency Access Charge
  • 10GB High Speed Data
  • Endless Data - No Data Overages
  • Hotspot up to 10GB
  • Data manager
  • Unlimited nationwide texts, picture and video messaging

Oh and she was told this will remain her monthly rate until she changes her plan. Koodo could offer me no such assurance.

Just Moved In

I can feel your pain. I have gone through the similar expereince but I end up cancelling my services after paying almost $150 to Telus in two months for a $20 plan. Not sure about the Mobility service but for Customer service definitely it is the worst. Telus should compensate its customers as they end up spending end number of hours on the phones/chats for resolving the issues because of Telus's wrong policies and plans.