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I'm just curious why Telus no longer rewards loyalty. After 15 years with this company I get the same special deals available to everyone. Why should I waste any more time with this company?

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My guess, and it's only a guess, is there are two issues Telus balances. One is that social media channels promote nearly any loyalty offer made by the Telcos, and those individuals not offered call in demanding the same deal. As such it becomes more transparent simply to provide similar choices to everyone. Second is Telus tries to retain customers with a highly rated customer service program. Telus, and its sub brands generally rank higher in customer satisfaction, and lower in complaints to the CCTS than other providers.


Telus does provide some loyalty bonuses, particularly to longstanding customers, but it tends to be small amounts over longer terms as both loyalty and retention.


That said, I'm with Telus for a number of reasons: they provide all my communications needs at the same price or better than trying to purchase them a la carte, They employ people in my town who spend money with the businesses where my self and my spouse  are employed, they have always promptly addressed issues arising from my services, and finally they put back into the communities where I travel through their charitable arm.


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Telus may not promote a "loyalty program," but they do recognize good customers. I wasn't expecting anything special when I upgraded my phone earlier this year. I chose not to take advantage of the 200.00 trade-in offer, because I hand-down my phones to family. After the Telus rep spent a few minutes in my account, he gave me 100.00 off. But I don't expect perks for paying my bill, and I don't expect special treatment for staying with a company. I stay with a company because the service satisfies me. Special treatment won't keep me if the service is trash. Telus is doing the right thing by making their service the retention factor.

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I agree

After 12 years I have received nothing for loyalty. I had the chance to try another company when they were doing the $60 plans but I didn't.

Telus has never offered me anything. After 5 years at another company my cousin received a free Iphone 7, paying $62 per month.