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Lack of accountability and customer care

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I am writing on here because I don't know what else to try.  I don't seem to be getting any response or interest via twitter or by calling so maybe I will get some more luck here....


I have an account with TELUS with two cell phones and a tablet and pay in excess of $200 per month, which includes a protection plan on both phones.

In October last year I bought a note 3 and I was sold the protection policy on the basis that if for example I broke my phone it would be fixed with no extra charges. Therefore when I bought my wife the LG G2 to replace her old iPhone 4, I got the insurance for that device as well.

In April my wife dropped her LG G2 on the floor. The phone had a protective wallet style cover which cost me over $65 but this slipped off while in my wife’s hand (not the first time either, the phone being terribly slippy and difficult to keep in place, this caused the phone to slip out of the cover on at least three occasions), and the phone fell on the floor and the screen cracked.

As I have two phones I lent my wife my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and put her SIM card in that phone, and put my SIM card in my other phone. I contacted TELUS and LG to see how I could get the phone fixed. LG said they could repair for $150. TELUS told me to call E-securitel.

I called E-securitel and the rep put my claim through but was told as I had moved the SIM card into my note 3 the claim was declined. I explained the reason for moving the SIM card (so my wife had a working phone), and was told they would need to escalate the claim and they would call me back within 2 working days, the next day I called TELUS to make sure this process was correct, the rep at TELUS said they would look into it and again I was offered a call back.

No one from either company called me back, I waited for 3 weeks and finally decided to call E-securitel. The rep put me on hold for a couple of minutes then said my claim had now been accepted (giving me the impression it had already been accepted but no one had bothered calling me back). And I could get a replacement Samsung galaxy S4 for $150 and I had 2 months to pay it. I don’t have a lot of spare cash and asked the rep if there was any alternative options, the rep said no. I then explained that LG had already offered to fix my phone for the same price and I have now been waited several weeks to be offered the same thing despite paying $7 per month, not very helpful at all!

I then went to my nearest TELUS store to try to get help but they couldn't do anything at all other than tell me to call E-securitel again. I called again and was asked several questions and as with previous calls I had to explain the situation several times (including which phones I was using and what the issue was, and got no resolution, other than being told to call TELUS again). I was also told that the claim had now expired and I had to reclaim (after 1 month not 2 months as I was previously told)

I spoke to TELUS last Thursday (July 31st) and after speaking to two reps for over an hour I was offered a $50 credit to go against the $150 cost of a replacement, which might have helped a bit had I not received a letter from TELUS two days before that stating that my automated payment would be moved forward from the 19th to the 9th starting in August! Meaning that I am not better off, I am worse off!

Specifically before I was expecting to pay $150 on this pay cheque (I get paid on the 15th and last day of the month) for the new phone and $200 on the following pay cheque for the usual bill. Now I am expected to pay $150 for the phone and $150 for my bill on the same paycheque. So instead of paying $150 this pay I have to pay $300 or wait another few weeks for a new phone.

I was told by the TELUS rep that there wasn't anything I could do about the payment date as there isn't enough time to stop the payment and when I asked for a larger credit to compensate he told me that I was lucky to get what I got!


Later on Thursday I made a comment on the matter on Twitter and was contacted by a member of the social media team apologizing for my issue and they arranged a call back from a Loyalty care manager within 1 -2 business days.  By Monday I still hadn't received a call so I messaged the social media team and they apologized again and said that as Monday was a holiday in BC and Alberta there may have been a delay and they would make the call back request again.  It is now two days later and 6 full days (3/4 business days) since I made contact and I still haven't had a call back and at this point I don't honestly expect one.  TELUS have consistently shown me since April that my business doesn't matter and they don't care.


I am really unhappy with being treated like this, I spend $200 per month and expect to be shown that my business is appreciated. ).  As I work in the telecom industry I am offered much lower rates with Rogers, and have been for the past 6 months, but I have consistently resisted offers to change because I have had good service from you in the past and didn't want to change, but now I am seriously considering it.  I don't want to make idle threats otherwise I would just change already.   I just want a new phone without having to wait longer or pay a lot of money in one go. Can you help me?


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Community Power User

I wouldn't recommend any protection plans from any mobility company unless they can provide every detail in writing up front (which they can't). This e-Securitel issue has been discussed here before and never ends well.



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To @Nighthawk point, these 'insurance' programs often cost about as much as it would cost to renew your contract when you factor in the monthly payments. You always need to read the fine print, as all of these programs have a deductible, and you never get a replacement device for free. 


I'm also a bit unclear about what your complaint is. Is it that you have to pay the deductible of $150? Or that their pre-authorized payment date has changed (which is covered in a few threads here already)?


Their loyalty team isn't going to be able to do much for you. A $50 credit was a pretty good offer, especially considering it isn't TELUS' fault that your wife broke her phone. Perhaps you should be more angry and the case maker....haha

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@Dark_Knight wrote:



I'm also a bit unclear about what your complaint is. Is it that you have to pay the deductible of $150? Or that their pre-authorized payment date has changed (which is covered in a few threads here already)?



Sounds to me as if the insurance company is trying to avoid paying for the broken phone(there is of course the $150 deductible) by claiming that the SIM card is part of the old phone and since its in a new phone, well tough cookies since the phone its in now works.



The @GJERRYJ76  Province  consumer protection branch


will usually have some type of dispute process for dealing with insurance companies that are avoiding payouts by using bogus excuses. Might get lucky and not have to pay the deductible, while getting the phone fixed for free(insurance enforced).

 Insurance contracts will usually have a terminology of repair or replace. And being up to the customer to accept or decline while specifying reasons for each choice.