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Is there a Map of all Telus wifi hotspots? Or an app with the map?


Is there a map that shows where all the #TELUS spots? Or an app with a map?



Welcome @TellYOU: So far Google search-doesn't show any map or app to download, from Telus at national level. There's a map published by the "The Province Newspaper" with hotspots from Telus, Shaw, Rogers,.etc. LetMe know if you live in BC and I posted the link. Anyway if you're in a mall or café & your Wi-Fy icon is on..Your phone list will ID if the hotspot is from Telus, back to forum <v9>

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

Hi, v9 Rockstar Monkey.

Thanks for your reply.

I'm in Metro Vancouver. So please do share that Province link of the Shaw and Telus hotspots. 🙂

Welcome back to the shiny forum. Before provided you, with the link in mention. Let Me "TellYou" Neighbour, that you're doing all right by answer back to the forum and posted your question on the "Ideas-Site" That's the kind of members in need right now, here in the <>


Currently it's been a decreased in the number of (Q&A-Question and answers). In all the Forum boards-due to internal operation issues. So that new members, with fresh ideas are in demand. Let's keep up the forum on optimal conditions.


With the Hotspot's link - don't expect find everything on it. Like I told you before-once the Wi-Fy- icon is activated the phone, will list & ID which Telecom Wi-fy is active in an "x-Store"..Get this..Today the 24 hrs. paper.

Published an article, about plans of the 'Vancouver City' To contract out a Co. like..TELUS or SHAW.


To provide free Wi-fy to certain Malls & other areas in Metro.Vancouver by Spring 2015. Keep on check.

You know what "TellYou" I copy the link, but doesn't open from this [New ver.text field..GGGrrr!] Wait a min. I'll posted it might open then:




@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?


I too would like to see a map of where these Telus wifi zones are located.  I found one in Vancouver Chinatown.


Perhaps TellYou will post it as an idea for us to Like.

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When last asked on this forum, Telus' response was that they were working on the buildout, and would release a map when they felt they had sufficient sites. 

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That link is super helpful @v9 🙂

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