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Intermittent time Zone Shift by 1 hour


Seeing issues on 2 different iphones (6 and 😎 running latest OS and with connected apple watches (Series 0 and 5) where time zone jumps forward by 1 hour intermittently. Time zone is set to automatic and so is pulling this information off the local Telus network tower. Could be an issue with tower? Ocean Park, Surrey, BC. Just started to happen yesterday.



Time zone issue has also been raised on Apple Communities: All Telus Mobility customers, Greater Vancouver area (at least?), but only on some iPhones - we're seeing the problem on an iPhone 8, but not an iPhone SE 2nd gen. Best solution right now is to set the Time Zone manually on the affected device. 

Thanks for the link to the apple discussion. Hopefully Telus / Apple will get this issue fixed quickly as I've had to disable screen time control on my son's phone as it defaults to Set Automatically and Etc/GMT+7 in Vancouver, with no option for Manual time zone setting.


Hey all, issue may be fixed. Set Time Zone automatically has been working properly on all our phones for the last couple days. 

Yep. Last time I saw the issue was last Tuesday. Seem like it is all fixed now.