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Incredibly bad customer support.

Just Moved In
I am not a telus customer. I walked into a store in Cornwall ON in the Cornwall Square mall to ask questions and possibly buy a new phone and switch to Telus. We'll after my experience in that store...telus will NEVER get my service now. There was a long time customer in the store with her 2 daughters in wheelchairs. She was there to legitimately ask about deals for her to possibly buy a phone and find out what will happen to her existing account. The woman ( and I use this term loosely) behind the counter was loud and rude from the get go. When the customer asked about deals...the customer rep laughed and said there are no deals to be had in January. Never asked for her name or her long standing account number. Kept loudly saying there are NO deals in January. Called the woman rude when she asked a question. It was all done in trying to find out info. And the customer rep just kept saying stop cutting me off and stop being rude to me I am just a messenger. The customer kept saying I am just trying to ask the proper questions to get the right info for me to get the best deal on a phone and account. The customer rep said she would show her the info if she would just stop talking for a minute. The customer said why do I need to see that if you already told me there are no deals tonight now. So the customer rep closed her computer and said tou are clearly not listening to me tou keep cutting me off and are A NICE DAY! The customer left and I turned around and walked right out as well in awe of how this long term customer had been treated. I will never go to Telus after watching this fiasco. How embarrassing for Telus to treat long standing good customers this way and not even bother answering her legitimate questions. Then to end the conversation with such rudeness to the customer. I was flabbergasted. There is no way on this earth that I would consider Telus now or ever given what I witnessed with this rude , ignorant mellenial who wouldn't even bother giving a long standing customer the time of day and calling her names and basically kicking her out of the store? I have also been trying to call and make a complaint to someone of importance at Telus.. and after 35 minutes of call after call for info the only place i was directed to was this forum?? Boo on you Telus. Sorry but i was looking to purchase a new phone and possibly move to Telus but after witnessing such blatent and ignorant customer service.. it will never happen. I will go elsewhere. Anywhere else!! Enjoy your customers money. And thanks for making my choice alot easier.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Bbduck123 That does sound like a terrible experience and it definitely doesn't align with our service expectations - thank you for sharing this. I've sent you a private message collect more info.