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Increase in Spam


Now this anti-spam legislation has come to pass, my wife and I have had a marked increase in SMS spam coming from 999-999-9999. An interesting observation is my wife gets notifications from Telus from the same number. I would imagine it means it's coming from some voip or im application as possibly used by Telus but it's definitely frustrating. (I find the Telus spam a waste of time.) Anybody else noticing this increase of unwanted messaging? Any suggestions of what to do about it? I'd love to blacklist this number, but I don't believe Telus allows blacklisting.


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Yes, I've been getting daily messages for the last two days from that number.


The anti-spam was for emails. Not for text messages.


I've been forwarding the messages to 7726.  Not seeing any change.


Actually, the new legislation is suppose to cover all electronic telecommunications including sms, social networking, blogs, voip and any other current or future internet or wireless communications. Thank you for the link. I will follow it up. Here's some info on the new legislation.

I just talked to Telus and they are aware of this. They have taken steps to fix this.

As some mentioned, they are working on filtering out the annoying spam! Thanks for being patient! 

Community Power User
Community Power User


   (999) 999-9999 is also the number of record for the Telus Send a Text service.  See my comments elsewhere in this forum for more detail.


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@-Darwin. Thks for bring the "Increase Spam" subject to the forum. I've get this useless - SMS/text/msges - as well. Here's a transcription of last one, from the infamous (9999) 999 999 [ - Subj: Thu  07-10-2014 @13:48:48Pm -0800. hundreds of Medications All 80% off or more: ]


What I've done so far is: 1) I reported the (Text/msge as Spam to Telus-7726)

2) I added the (999) 999 999 to my (Rejected Phone list & also blacklisted on my McAfee-mobile App. I'll keep it temporary, because it's been said the 9-Digits# is used by TELUS to [Send-receive.texts/msges]


Finally heard in the news that -TELUS admitted on Thu 07-10-2014. That "Spam" in text/msges- it's been detected on its Network & security+technical teams, work to block & fix the 'Bug' by Fri 07-11-2014. Meantime let's cross fingers

for a positive result,. Hehee! -- Regards "v9"


@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

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I guess it's times to update this topic just do Telusmobility customers don't think it has been fixed. I'm got a text from Adriana at 999 999 9999 wanting to have sex with me. The text was a Facebook-2-text message. Although I have a Facebook account I go not have the mobile feature turned on which allows this type of text. A google search has revealed that 'she' has recently been active on Vancouver Island but I see no reference to my area code, 902.

So ain't fixed.

Hello, i'm sure the mobile providers are doing everything they can in order to prevent these messages. Sadly. the people responsible for these messages keeps finding new ways of reaching out to random mobile users, Telus, Bell and Rogers are all affected by this. I have a filter application in my device, it helps but it can't prevent everything. Updating the technology will force spammers to create other ways to reach you.