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How do you deal with Telus?

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So a few weeks ago I decided to become a Telus customer (big mistake apparently).  I ordered a phone online and was expecting a painless experience.  So a few days later, the online order status says they need more information from me, and there is a phone number to call.  I call it, after an hour and 45 minutes on hold I am booted off.  I call back, stay on hold for half an hour.  At this point, I start to regret my decision to come to Telus, so I send an email to cancel the order.  Two days later, the online order status magically goes from "Need more info"... to "Approved, you should receive your device in 3-5 days".  No response to my original email. 


I am now determined to speak to someone, so I phone and stay on hold for another hour and 45 minutes (I believe their phone system won't let people stay on hold for longer than that... because I always seem to get booted off after that much time)... So i'm at work, I just call back and sit on hold while I work, for literally 5 hours (in 1 hour 45 minute chunks)... I send emails... upon emails... upon emails... no response.


I call the customer service line instead of calling the web orders number directly, there is no menu option to speak to the web orders so I speak to the new account people.  They try to contact the web orders people, but cannot get through.  They tell me that they cannot help me. 


So here I am, two weeks after the order became approved and I should've received it by now (I realize that its Christmas)... but seriously, no response to any of my emails.  I can't get through to them on the phone.  They've charged my CC and I have requested they cancel the order, the online order status says it is being shipped, but it has not shipped.   I am in Telus hell, all I want is to go back in time to before I made the order and never think about dealing with Telus again... I want to just get my bank to do a charge back, but I know how Telus operates and that's a fantastic way to have collection services come after me.  I want to go buy a phone, but I can't because I don't want to be on the hook with Telus, and a different company at the same time.  WTF TELUS!!!


How do people deal with this company?  How can they be so incompetent with web ordering in this day and age, it's not 1999... this **bleep** ain't new?





Emails? Are you sure you were sending them to the right place? And did you make sure that was an accepted way to contact them? Normally Telus is either by phone or online chat. I don't think I've ever contacted Telus by email.

Well I'm not sure who you're emailing but I hope it is That's the web orders team who you need to contact. The number you need to contact for them is 1 866 488 2709. If you call *611 you will get client care and they won't have knowledge of the web order status other than the tracking order which I'm sure you already have. The web orders team or client care can provide you with the return envelope which will have the prepaid postage to return the device. You can just not accept the device upon delivery too. Returns take 4-6 weeks to process and your refund on your credit card won't be processed until then. I'm not sure about the web orders number but that *611 number has a call back option so you don't have to wait on hold. Just make sure you pick that you are calling about mobility in the menu options so you don't get home services by accident. I apologize for the experience. Unfortunately I'm not sure why you're not getting a response by email or getting dropped calls mysteriously around the same wait time each time! A couple customers said the same thing so I'm going to have to report this to my incident team and have it investigated for you 🙂
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I can attest to the frustration. I found a charge on my bill that I was told "probably wouldn't show up" when my bill was issued-but it did, of course. I was told someone would call me November 16th to confirm-they didn't, and since then I have been on hold for an hour plus three times with no success. Tonight I tried the chat function which started with 47 people in front of me. After 1 1/2 hours it got to 5 people and then went offline due to "technical issues". It's as though Telus wants you to go away. Keep it up-we will.

Yikes. Sorry to hear that 😞 I know a lot of customers mentioned to me this weekend that they were not given the call back option. Whether that was removed as an option for customers because we were so busy or we were so busy because that option wasn't there  was never communicated back to me. I reported the issue but, nothing was officially relayed back to me as to the outcome. And to top that off, a lot of people were phoning in to add roaming passes this weekend. It was one of the busiest weekends this year for travel. 

Mobility Client Care Rep

I'm okay not having the call-back option but not being able to get through after a total of 4 1/2 hours is beyond ridiculous. What is the best way to get an answer to my issue?

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Community Power User
@GMac what's the issue? As for contacting Telus. The best time to contact them, is early morning before 9am or via twitter @TelusSupport

NO call back, NO email replies ( or and over 2 hour long on hold x3 to 1 866 488 2709(my phone's battery died so I had no choice to hang up). When I phoned this morning, they said office is now closed. we are open from 9-9 EST. Well, it was 9amMT .They don't exist. I think I got scammed. I don't want my stuff if I don't get it by Christmas. If I don't like it I want to return it but I found out telus does not have holiday return policy!!! 

I used Chat but no help at all. The agent on chat was totally useless. I was talking about the item I purchased from but he kept on saying phone, sim card etc. I ended the chat. 

Where is my stuff? still processing. Telus took my money and now what? I just want to ask when my item will deliver? Holiday return etc? Just simple questions. NO ONE HELP ME.

worst online shopping ever. 

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Community Power User

@pookey123 - Since you posted already on the order tracking discussion but failed to mention actually trying to track the order, what happens when you put your order number into the Order Status Tracker tool?

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Thanks for reply.

Order status says still processing. Well, I just want to speak with someone and ask questions. When do I get my stuff? holiday return? etc.
Very frustrating. NO emails, No calls, nothing. I can not do anything. Telus charged my credit card and now what??? I bought this for Christmas and I am sure Telus does not accept returns after 30 days even holiday time. 

@pookey123 wrote:

Telus charged my credit card and now what???

Telus charged your credit card before dispatch? The only time my credit card has been charged before my purchase has shipped is when I use Paypal direct merchant payment, or whatever it's officially called, otherwise, my card isn't actually charged until my purchase ships. It's frustrating though when you're waiting for something that's taking forever to go out. When did you order? I've always received Telus orders within 5 business days, but I've never ordered from them during the holiday season (Black Friday to the New Year), when they're slammed. You still have some time until Christmas, put your phone on charge and stay on the line until somebody answers, and maybe keep trying to catch somebody on Twitter or Facebook. You really can't do anything else.

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Telus is the biggest waste of time. My parents have been with telus for over 20 years and ever since I joined telus I have had nothing but problems. I just received word my service was cut off and that I had a 600$ fee/bill/charge to pay because my contract has been up for a month. Keep in mind NO ONE told me that my contract was up or I would have been long gone from telus and enjoying a brand new 7 plus. Do not sign on with telus, they will scam you out of money in any way they can.

That doesn't make any sense. Telus doesn't cut you off because your contract ends. It goes month to month. You get suspended for non-payment because you haven't paid your bills. As per CRTC rules they do and have to contact you by sms, mail, and phone calls. You don't just wake up one day and your phone is cut off. It's from not paying your bill for several months and ignoring the sms they send you that say" urgent your phone is at risk of disconnection please contact #227" that it gets cut off". The end date of your service agreement is on the service agreement that you sign when you get your phone whether verbally, online, or in store. It's even mailed to you again afterwards or emailed to you depending on the method you choose. And it shows up on your invoice every month the date your contract ends. 

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