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How Do You Stay in Business when you treat Customers this way

Just Moved In

A day after signing up for a new plan with Telus they have cancelled my service and said someone will contact me within three days to resolve the questions they have about the paperwork that was signed.   They were helpful enough however, to switch my phone number over to this service from my previous provider.  So now I am without a phone, which I use for work, with only a vaque idea of what the resolution would be or when.


If Telus cannot gaurentee that the service will be available then they should hold off on putting in the request to switch the number over from the old service until they are ready.   I understand others have had this happen to them as well from some of the posts.  



It's unfortunate problems occur, but sometimes the front-line worker honestly believes all is well, without knowing some little thing is not well, then command center says nope, that's wrong, and frustration ensues. I've had workers at one Telus store tell me I can't do a thing, and then have had the very thing done for me at another Telus store without any issue. I've also had a few miscommunication events between store and command center that shouldn't have happened. They do happen though, unfortunately for the customer. I hope you, and everybody else, get resolution quickly.