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First world prices, third world service


What happened to Telus service?  Waiting 90+ minutes on hold for tech support. Still #30 in line for chat. High prices, low quality customer service. Time to move on...



Go to any service provider forum and you'll find wait time complaints in the hundreds, any forum, every forum, all providers. Rogers actually shut down some communications during the recent promotion because they couldn't handle the load. There are not enough workers with the skill, or the want of a job that's abusive.  Would you work a job where you got yelled at by the customers all day long? No. That job takes a personality that's in short supply.

Hi, my 2 cents.  IF the Telus product/services was up to par, there would not be a need for customers to vent to a tech support agent.


Yes, forums are the one way for service providers to divert complaints/venting to a non-face to face interaction, but that still does not solve the problem with the product/service.


As you mentioned, this forum is full of vents, similar to Rogers, etc... it is a record that shows that Telus, as others, has no interested in your complaints to begin with, as long as you pay. (google search Telus Profits 2017)


There are very few alternate options, as such these companies don't have to try too hard.  I found that the library, and community theater to be a great investment of my money, and the service provided is personable.


As a call taker in a previous life, understanding that every dollar spend on a service was earned through sacrifice, and that the customer only wants what they pay for to work, function, satisfy, it's not hard to understand why the customer gets upset.  Then getting the corporate run-around, does not help solve the problem that money was spend on a service poorly or not rendered.  Going back to my initial statement, IF the Telus product/services was up to par, there would not be a need for customers to vent to a tech support agent.

Friendly Neighbour
Right said! I just ported over from Fido & I went there from Virgin/Bell. The long wait times & disconnects are infuriating, especially when it is bad service & errors you're trying to call about!
Unfortunately, the CSR gets all the abuse for poorly managed companies that care only about numbers - & ignore the attrition & churn that results from widespread dissatisfaction.
It's true to say they're all very very lacking in fixing their own mistakes, and in people to answer for it...