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Does the first bill charge for two months?

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For my first bill I was charged double what I should have been. Am I being charged for two months on purpose?

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Community Power User
Yes. The first bill includes the current month or part month, and the next month, based on your billing date.
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Basically the way it works is that on the first day you get your device, the system is going to assign you a billing cycle usually will be a couple of days after you get the service.

So basically what you see on the first bill is a partial charge from the days that you got the service until your first closing date PLUS a month in advance that all telus client's get on their first bill.

That is stated on your service agreement. But don't worry that's just for one month. Next bill will be normal.


Your plan: Telus Share Plus 55
Data add on: $30(1GB + 1GB)
Close date of your bill cycle: 25
Activation Date: December 31, 2013


Step 1: $55(plan) + $30(add-on) = $85


Step 2: $85/30(days in 1 bill cycle) = $2.83


Step 3: $2.83 * 25(days remaining before the close date of bill cycle) = $70.83(Partial Charge from 12/31/13 - 01/25/14)


Step 4: $70.83 + $85(Whole month of service from 01/26/14 - 02/25/14) = $155.83


If you would like to calculate the partials for the plan or the add on/s only, just follow the same steps but make sure to start with Step 2. By the way, correct me if I'm wrong with the calculations I would greatly appreciate it. XD


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first bill is composed of partial charge and one full month charge. when you first up your account, you were given your own billing cycle which date is nomally different on the date you started your servcie. for example: you started your service june 1 but your billing cycle close date is june 10.


partial charges are the usage  from june 1-10 + the one full month charge considered as month in advance. this kind of biling happens everytime you make some changes on plan or features ( data add-on for example)


if your plan is $55 your charge will be like this: $55 devided by 30 days multiplied by 9 days (1-10) = 416.50 + $55 month in advance.


computaion is same with feature.