Does Telus sell a signal booster of any sort?


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Last year coverage at my cottage was good.  This year it's reallys spotty.  I switched from a Nexus phone to a Galaxy 2... maybe that's the issue?


Does Telus sell any kind of signal booster? 


When I was in the US I bought a Wilson signal booster but the darn thing didn't work with the frequencies for my provider so I want to be sure this is one designed to work with Telus devices.


Any ideas?  Thanks!

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No, they don't.


You can look around but I highly doubt you'll find one that works with Telus. The frequencies are similar to ones in states but things can be picky...

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Depending where you live there are some cell phone stores/companys that do sell cell phone boosters.
I know where I work were just a dealer for telus and we sell Wilson boosters and I havent gotten a refund yet. Smiley Happy
This is the one we sell where I work. its 430$ and its great for areas with low service.
Its ment for more small closed in areas but looking around the website im sure theres lots more you can find.

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That one you linked was for 800/1900MHz? TELUS runs on 850/1900MHz.

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not sure. All i know is it works with my telus Galaxy s3. Smiley Happy

The Wilson booster works at my cabin with my telus iPhone.

I heard that they sell a signal booster, my brother is using one. I'll ask him and let you know.