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Data clawback.

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My data plan renews on 17th of month. When I access account using phone Wi-Fi I have 2048mb, no usage. When turn on my data, usage jumps to 20mb. Support explains, every month, that an app is running in the background and using it. That is fine and reasonable. However they cannot explain why it only runs on the 17th when I turn my data on. Never on the 16th or on the 18th when I turn my data on. I have called repeatedly about this and am getting very aggravated (and they are fed up I won't go away). Now, 20mb is only 1% of my data and I only use all my data when camping in the summer so this appears trivial. However, this is data I am charged for every month and the only answer I get is they don't know. I read somewhere last year that Koodo customers had this problem back in 2010 or so and finally got it resolved. Anyone else monitor their data and had this problem?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Firstly, you are not charged for the data every month, as it is included in the base amount of data in your plan, so really the only time it would matter is when you approach 20 MB of the total amount of data on your plan.


If I recall, the explanation on the Koodo site was that the 20 MB was a data reservation applied to the account, and if not consumed, was removed. My interpretation is that is is like a pre-authorization on your credit card; it disappears once the purchase is complete. on Data, it gives some headroom to allow messages about your consumption to be sent you a bit in advance.



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